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I'm taking prerequisites for a Nursing program at a Technical College here in the Upstate of South Carolina. I've been a recovering alcoholic for a about a year, but recently I had a relapse which resulted in an arrest for DUI 1st offense, and I am really worried that I've messed up my chances for admission to the program because of the criminal background check. I have no other problems with my record other than this alcohol related one. I'm still going to school everyday, but I hope it isn't all in vain now. I'm scared and really worried. I'm currently 37 and can't wait 7 years for this to go off my record. Can anyone offer any advise or help?

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I have no advice, b/c I've never been in that situation. I will wish you good luck, and hopefully what happened in your past won't effect you being a nurse. Its not wear you come from, but its where you are going. :)

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questions we seem to be encountering more and more often have to do with the effects of a criminal history on nursing licensure:

  • is it possible to become licensed as a nurse if you have a criminal history and if so, can i get a job?
  • is it possible to become licensed as a nurse if you have a mip, dui, or other related charges?
  • what happens if you are charged or convicted of a crime after licensure?
  • can i go to nursing school and/or be licensed/be employed if my record has been sealed or expunged?
  • will i be able to go to nursing school and/or attend clinicals with a criminal record?
  • what can happen if i receive a mip/dui/dwi or other charge while still in school?

these are questions that the members of cannot answer. the only reliable source of information is your state board of nursing.

if you are a nursing student or are interested in becoming a nurse you need to contact your bon and/or your school of nursing directly. you need to be completely candid with them as to the nature and disposition of the crimes. each board of nursing makes a determination on a case by case basis and some are willing to issue a declarative statement in advance.

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