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My classmates and I are looking for a new nursing drug guide...we are currently using Mosby's 2005 edition. For the most part, it works for us, but recently we have had to add geriatric considerations to the medications we have to research(each week we have to look up our pt's meds and then tell why they are taking them, the time, dose, classification, lab values to watch, and also geriatric considerations.) Mosby's doesnt include them, and now we are going to also have to have pediatric considerations when we start back in the fall. Does anyone know of a drug guide that covers both geri and pediatric considerations? There has been mention in our class of Lexi-comp's drug guide, but I was wondering if there were any others out there that might be better? THanks for all the help, we all really appreciate it!


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I think it s the most user friendly for nurses.


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Our entire ADN class uses Davis'. I really love mine, it was 40$ something like that at our local books a million.


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