Nursing Diagnosis for Healthy 10 mo Old??


I need to nursing diagnosis for a healthy 10 month old...I have risk for injury but i have no idea what else to use. The child came in for an acute care visit and was seen by the doctor and found to be fine and healthy. What else can I use???

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i really dont know, but can you use knowledge deficit, of the parental figure? since the kiddo was fine and apparently didnt need to be seen?? also developemental stages..?? good luck

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at 10 months a child should be assessed for developmental milestones (see the pediatric websites on this thread, many have pediatric milestones listed on them:, erickson's stages, and they should have gotten updated on their immunizations. a systems review as well as a pe should have been done. no bumps or bruises--at all? all height and weight parameters met? breastfeeding? because there are 3 breastfeeding diagnoses. what solid foods is he progessing to eating? there is always the "readiness for" diagnoses.

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