do nursing degree credits transfer?


well, things aren't looking great for my grievance...I can't even stomach the staff at this school anymore. My attitude is definitely not working with me.

If I wanted to transfer, what's the likeliness that any of the credits in nursing would even transfer?


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Depends on the program. Some will allow the nursing courses to transfer and some won't due to those courses being formatted for that particular school. Your best option would be to call/go to your advisor and ask if your nursing courses are transferrable and to call the other schools that you are interested and ask the same. Or if the other schools you are interested in are close you could bring an unofficial copy of your transcripts to an advior there so they could look at them and tell you if they will be able to transfer or not.

I hope something good comes out of this.

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I agree with the above poster. Sadly, you may have to start over. There are posters on here who had to leave one program and start completely over in another. Hopefully some of them will either PM you or post here.

Otherwise, if your school allows you to repeat or re-mediate, then do so!! It may be disheartening and frustrating at first because you will have to act as if you were in the wrong and have accept responsibility for your actions. However, at least you are able to progress toward your degree. I know two former nursing students that work at the local hospital as techs that do not have the option to repeat. I think they will give anything for the option because right now they are lost in dead-end jobs. Not only has the experience destroyed their self esteem (understandable), they don't want to work toward anything too complicated any more. :o Good luck.


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I used to live in an area where there was a program that was known for taking those who were asked to leave the local BSN program and then they went into the ASN program and were successful. I met a few of these people and at least one told me that she received better instruction at the second school anyway. It was sort of like there was an unwritten articulation agreement between the two schools. School A would boot em and School B would graduate em and make em into nurses.

Do what the other posters suggested. Make appointments at the other programs, take in your transcripts and see what you can work out, or call on the phone and ask. At worst you won't be able to get in at all. In the middle, they will make you start over, or repeat a lot. At best, everything will transfer smoothly and you will be able to pick up where you left off. Good luck.

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I am new to the sight and I am the Assitant Director for Admissions at a University. And I can tell you that your transfer of credits will depend on how the school was accredited. Regional - National / CCNE NLAC etc. You always want to make sure that your school has an accreditation.

You can go to this website provided by the US DOE:

Look your school up by name, state etc.

If you have any questions, please reply and I can help. I may even be able to contact the school for you.


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