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what nursing courses I am gonna have to take?

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  • Humanities
  • ENG 101 Freshman English AND ENG 102 Introduction to Literature OR ENG 104 English I Honors AND ENG 105 English II Honors
  • 3 credit hours Humanities Elective

Social Science

  • PSY 100 Introduction to Psychology
  • PSY 200 Developmental Psychology
  • SOC 100 Introduction to Sociology

Natural Science

  • BIO 171 Human Anatomy and Physiology I
  • BIO 172 Human Anatomy and Physiology II

MAth courses

Algebra 104

Stats 160

and how long would it take my to get my associates degree. I am 21 yrs old. Can I be done with my nursing degree at 22yrs old.:yeah:

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forgot something

You need to talk to the specific nursing school. RN nursing programs are 2-3 years long and some, especially ASN programs, have long waiting lists.

The only thing I can tell you for sure is that you won't be done with your nursing degree at 22. You need to find out from the schools you are interested in what they require.

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ADN programs are typically 2-3 years long. Think 4-5 semesters worth. While you may "luck out" and get into a program right away, many have a waiting list OR they're on some kind of points-based or lottery-based selection system. Aside from the RN program classes, do you have all of your general ed knocked out of the way so that when you DO finish the program, you'd be ready to graduate with your ADN? Consider that side of the equation too. Get all your prereq's done for program and for graduation before you enter the program. This way, should you fail out, you can switch majors, take a few more classes, and you're suddenly eligible for an AA or an AS degree...

Here is what my school says from their website. They have added though a new 1 hour class for hands on practice. Don't know much about that right now though. Everyone talks pre-reqs but my school just requires high school bio, chem, alg w/85 or higher and the TEAS test with a 58.7 (or 57.8.. there abouts). But the higher the class grades and TEAS the better chance you have of getting into the program. Personally I am retaking the high school classes because c's aren't good enough and taking the a&p's and micro before actually going into the nursing classes. I already have all the social science, humanities, and eng classes. They also over ride the Psychology pre-req for the abnormal/developmental psy.


BIOL 205 Microbiology4

BIOL 270 Anatomy & Physiology I4

ENGL 101 Composition I3

NURS 095 Orientation*0

NURS 101Nursing I4

Term Total15


BIOL 271Anatomy & Physiology II4

ENGL 102 Composition II3

NURS 102 Nursing II6

PSYC 205 Dev. Psychology3

Term Total16


NURS 201 Nursing III10

PSYC 210 Abnormal Psych.3

Social Sci. Elect.3

Term Total16


NURS 202 Nursing IV10

Humanities Elect.3

Term Total13

The school I'm going to is just like yours ashkins529....