Nursing Career: Can My Back Take It?

I field questions from nurses and people who are thinking about becoming nurses on a daily basis. In this economy, there are so many adults from all walks and stages of life who are seriously considering joining the traditional set of new high school graduates as nursing students, due to the instability of their originally chosen profession or job. Nurses Announcements Archive Article


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HI Just wondering if they mentioned which hospitals have lift teams? Which cities? Seems like a great idea to me.

Thanks a lot... this was a primary fear that I had about nursing, and I thought that exercising might be a great preventative measure, but I didn't know that I should concentrate on the core.

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And kids, do it now before it is too late. But remember, you don't have to be lifting a patient to hurt your back. I graduated from nursing school when I was 25. I was in great shape. My weight was 114. I injured my back by bending over to turn the water on in the bath tub. I could not stand up. I herniated a disk and have had pain ever since and it has only gotten worse with age and weight gain. So you might not be able to prevent it completely but if you keep those ab muscles strong and use good body mechanics it will help. And no matter how stressed you are for time, DON'T TRY TO PULL SOMEONE UP WITHOUT ENOUGH HELP. And remember, we are getting fatter and fatter as a nation.

My husband works in a large trauma hospital and they have a lift team there on duty 24 hour a day who do the turns and lifts for the big patients. It has reduced their lost days due to back injuries down to almost nothing.


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We have a great hospital here in clearwater florida had a no lift policy for a few years now


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The Veterans Hospitals have the BEST BEDS with Built in wts,bed alarms

and over head trapaze bars,lift all types even in some rooms there are lifts in the ceiling,Also Chair with lifts and shower chairs with lifts. Any Size Nurse can work at a Veterans Hospital or Nursing Home and of course you call on the resources of your team members to help. The Patient is treated with Dignity all the step of the way in the Veterans Hospital and 99% of Veterans Treat Nurses with so much more Repect then in the outside Hospitals and I am talking from many years of experiances. The Patients safety is first yes but without the Nurse safety consider also then a the rate of 80% of All nurses at the bedside will continue to sustain some type of Back injury this Statitics comes from the JCAHO. I worked with all sizes,ages and many Nurses Pregant and Recovering from major surgeries,CVA and injuries even disabled in all Settings. I believe that Equipment is vital to the hospitals setting. The Education of proper use of the equipment and the cost and maintances of the Equipment,Warranty they most come with anyway is nothing to compare with the cost of Patients safety and Healthcare Teams Safety.


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i am awaiting my acceptance into nursing school and am scared because i ALREADY have back problems and i do not lift on pts all day. i spend many nights sleeping on my heating pad and to tell you the truth, i have had my doubts if my back can handle the stress of nursing school. maybe i will start focusing on my abs, as i have taken a yoga class and found that very beneficial in easy my body aches. thanks a lot for the info!

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