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    I did not have much luck with my last post... my question was does anyone know who I could contact re: working for insurance companies as an RN or doing Triage Nurse calls from home? IF anyone does please post thanks...
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  3. by   sirI

    You will need to contact an insurance company much the same way you do when marketing as LNC. Call the home office and ask to speak with HR or person in similar department.

    As for Telephone Triage, you will have to contact clinics in your area, look through the classifieds for these positions.

    I don't know of any other way to tell you how to seek out a position other than the above or word of mouth in your area.

    Good luck.
  4. by   Tweety
    I'm sorry, we're not really a job referall service here at Allnurses. Perhaps looking more locally in "help wanted" websites, etc.

    Good luck.
  5. by   OliviaRN
    Thanks for your reply... I have contacted several insurance companies and none of which have had an opening... I was just searching to see if someone else was already doing this for a certain company
  6. by   caliotter3
    I check out the want ads and job websites on a regular basis, even when not looking for a job, and have noticed ads for nurses for insurance company work very, very rarely. I would suggest that you develop a system where you check on a regular basis, also contact the companies on a regular basis. You never know when the opportunity might open up.
  7. by   OliviaRN
    thank you I appericiate your reply
  8. by   CCL"Babe"
    I work for an insurance company. What kind of questions do you have?
  9. by   Lovely RN
    Try Judge Group they contract with companies to work from home. Keep checking insurance companies websites frequently. I saw work at home jobs at United Health insurance about a month ago.Good Luck.
  10. by   OliviaRN
    CCL babe do you work from home?
  11. by   1lbsioux
    Olivia, check out Humana or Healthways Inc. Just a suggestion. I am going for a interview next week with Healthways, you do have to work in there office however Humana has positions where you can work from home, who knows maybe Healthways has similar positions. The job title I am interviewing for is RN Manager Comprehensive Care. Wish me luck as I do not have case management experience, only 12 years med/surg.:uhoh21: