Wish Monster.com would stop sending me Travel jobs!

  1. I would like to change to an office or Case Manager type of nursing job. Although I love working Tele, I'm just getting to the point that I want to save some of my energy for my family.

    So far the only bites I've had are coming from Travel Agencies. My resume clearly says "Office Position Desired" yet the recruiters keep cluttering up my Inbox and my phone with messages.

    Aside from deleting them, is there any way at all that I can get them to stop?

    Would it be too tacky to spell it out for them somewhere on the resume? Or can I get Monster.com to stop sending me these unwanted offers?
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  3. by   jjjoy
    Agencies are relentless. I was registered with one before. I've since told them I'm not working clinically. I haven't renewed any of my paperwork with them (so no up-to-date physical, licensure info, cpr certification, etc on file with them) and yet they STILL call sometimes asking if I'd like to work tomorrow at XXX Hospital!
  4. by   NurseyBaby'05
    Most recruiting sites like Monster search by key words automatically. Are you specifically mentioning Case Management in your Objective or anywhere else on the resume? If thier software can't link case management to your resume you won't get the info.
  5. by   Lacie
    Here's a site I used and found it very useful. http://www.rncasemanager.com/
    Like you I got so sick of getting travel offers on the internet or blowing up my phone with messages. I also posted on Careerbuilder.com and removed myself from Monster. Best thing I ever did actually. I had more success with careerbuilder actually and the above link. Also google Corvel Corporation as they are national and usually have an office just about every major city. I worked for years with them and loved it as I only went into office once to twice monthly. Most work was done from the comp at home and did involve considerable travel time but never overnight. Pay was actually very good with the mileage compensation.