Which basic classes should i take to get into a nursing school?

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    I'm 23 and i immigrated from the UK a month ago to be with my husband. I want to start a career in nursing but i have no previous classes required to get into a nursing school. I am prepared to start at the beginning but i dont know exactly what classes to take. Would anyone be able to help me with a list of classes i should take before even applying at a nursing school. I have a BA (hons) degree in Communications studies but the education system in the UK is completely different to the US and i have no other classes except those in Communications. So i may have English prerequisites but nothing in anatomy, psychology, Math etc.

    Thank you. Love Emily
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    Hi Emily,

    Welcome aboard. Each school has different admission requirements so you would need to contact each one individually. You also need to determine if you want to go the ADN route or the BSN route. Since you already have a degree you could possibly do a 2nd degree accelerated program but again that depends on the nursing programs available in your area.

    Here's a website that can tell you the schools in your state and then you can narrow it down from there.


    Good luck!!!

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    hi, emily!

    here are two other web links that have information about becoming a nurse in the u.s.

    you can locate nursing schools in the state you are living that are near your home from your state board of nursing. run your mouse over the "links" button at the top right of this page (scroll all the way up). a menu appears. click on "boards of nursing" and a page of links comes up. click on your state and you will be automatically whisked away to the website of your state board of nursing. once there, look for a link that says "education" or simply "list of schools" (if you're lucky!). if you don't find a list of schools at the website, you'll have to call your state board on the phone for this information. their phone number will be listed there.

    most of the state boards of nursing have a listing of all the approved schools where you can go to get rn or lpn training. i do not know if the uk has these two different designations of nurses. the three websites you have been given to get information about nursing careers can explain the difference better than i can. suffice it to say that the rn is the highest license you can hold as a nurse. the previous poster was correct. you need to contact each school individually to find out what they will require. it is possible that some schools will be willing to accept some of your uk college classes in transfer to fullfill their degree requirements, but you will only know that when you apply to the college and submit an official transcript from your uk school. they will also, most likely, want to see a copy of an official publication of your uk school that describes the course content of each of the classes that you took there. this is how they will determine if any of your uk classes are comparable to us ones. most us colleges have websites so you can find out a lot about their nursing programs from your home computer.

    good luck. i recommend you also check out the pre-nursing student discussion forum within the nursing student forums section of this website. you'll find plenty of people posting there who are going through the process of taking the pre-reqs to get into nursing school.
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    Hello and welcome to allnurses.
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    Thank you Daytonite, i will definitely check all that stuff out.

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    I don't know about the requirements of schools in your area, but I can tell you mine. I live in South Mississippi, and before you can enter the programs here, you need to have taken General Psychology, English Comp I, and Anatomy and Physiology I (Biology I is a prerequisite to A&P, unless you scored high on the science part of your ACT/SAT). Then, in addition to the next two years of nursing courses, you will also be taking Anatomy and Physiology II, Human Growth and Development, Microbiology, English Comp II, Oral Communications, and Sociology. You also have to take a Nursing Entrance Test (NET), which basically tests your reading comprehension level and basic math skills. Anyway, that's how it's done on the Gulf Coast. Hope this helps. :spin:
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    Thank you!!