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Yesterday was a bad day on the floor. I work on an acute care med/surg telemetry floor. Everyone was having trouble keeping up and I called the NM and told her we needed more help and that I had... Read More

  1. by   Tweety
    Quote from canoehead
    I agree that if you have made a decision as charge that she needs to respect that.

    But I don't agree that reassigning her was the correct choice. If you are following precautions correctly the flu bug is left in the room with the first patient. I can see making assignments to avoid crosscontamination just to be extra safe, but if a relationship has already been established why disrupt care in the middle of the shift? If the nurse has already been in and out of both rooms several times? Isolation is proven to work if done correctly, or we wouldn't use it.

    I started to bring that up, but since she had the support of her manager, I figured it was just their floor policy that she had to enforce, especially if it's a surgical pediatric patient. I know some surgical floors don't allow the same nurse to care for a surgical patient and an isolation patient at the same time. Our cardiac unit is like that. The open hearts aren't cared for by the medical cardiac nurse if he/she has an infected patient on iso. My unit is such a mish mash of patients the same nurse can have both, as long as proper precautions are followed, it's probably not a big deal. But we don't have pediatric patients.
  2. by   jeepgirl
    On my floor, as long as we have the staff and it is practical, we would try to keep them separate. However, sometimes on my particular floor it would be unreasonable. As long as you're using strict precautions and using handwashing and masks, you should be okay.