what to do with a MSN

  1. I wanted to know what options are available for nurses getting a MSN in administration or education?
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  3. by   traumaRUs
    Multiple options:

    1. Academia.
    2. Staff development.
    3. Management.
    4. Advanced practice.
  4. by   llg
    Maybe you should elaborate on your question a little bit. The obvious answers are:

    With an MSN in administration, you are well-positioned to get jobs in management/administration. . There are plenty of jobs in that field with titles like manager, director, head nurse, vice president, etc. in every clinical specialty and arena in which there are nursing services that need managed.

    With an MSN in education, you are qualified to teach nursing in a school of nursing. It's also common for people with those credentials to teach nurses in the work setting -- as staff development instructors. Some people with an educational background also work as Clinical Nurse Specialists, patient educators, etc.

    Does that answer you question?
  5. by   willdgate
    yeah, I may decide to major in nursing education, because the administration aspect may not be want I think.
  6. by   island40
    I graduated from University of Iowa may 06 with my MSN in Nursing Education and have taught at the local community colleges- when my son graduates from highschool next year I will be able to move to an instructor position (none full time available here or within driving distance and doesn't look like any for a while). The main options for a major in nursing ed is as a clinical educator (the person who does inservices for a facility) or to teach student nurses. Good luck.