What just happened??

  1. Maybe someone can help me. I'm a new RN, and after a long hard 7 month job search, came up with one, yes count them, one call from a LTC facility (not my first choice, but I'll take it). I go for the blood work, physical, and references were called, I'm offered the job as PRN. Went Monday for 8 hour orientation and they made schedule for the next 10 days 7-3 for training on the floor. Yesterday I show up at 6:50 am, (in new scrubs) I'm shown to my wing, meet the RN that I'm shadowing for the day, still, everythings fine. At 10 AM the supervisor comes to me and says something like "HR wanted me to tell you that you'll be leaving the floor at 11 for the day, and next weeks schedule is canceled, she said she'll call you once she makes up a new schedule" Whoa? So I do as I'm told, leave floor at 11, go right to HR to question what is going on. She tells me that they can't "overwhelm" the staff with new hires (2 other RN were hired along with me) and I have to re-work the schedule". I'm told to go home and wait for a call? She calls and tells me some one will call me next week about a new schedule. Am I supposed to sit around and wait for a call that may or may not come? After going from an extreme high and excitment, I am crushed, to say the least. Spent the day in bed, depressed, and weepy. What just happened? Any thoughts?
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  3. by   HouTx
    Sounds like a very disorganized facility to me. It is true that a 1:1 (preceptorrientee) arrangement is optimal for orientation, but it certainly isn't carved in stone. I am thinking that someone looked at the overall staffing hours (including orientation) and discovered that they were exceeding the budget/labor hours parameters... so they had to make some adjustments. Unfortunately, PRN staff don't generally rate very high on the pecking order so if the other new hires were in 'regular' jobs, their orientation would be a higher priority & this leaves you out in the cold.

    You should probably continue to look for a job elsewhere while you are "patiently waiting" to be slotted in for orientation at this job. I know it's probably not much comfort, but from the information you provided, I am sure that this mix-up had nothing to do with you . . all due to poor planning and miscommunication.
  4. by   NursieNurseLPN
    Ugh how frustrating! I am sorry this happened to you and i hope they follow through with hiring you. I think it looks good since they had you do everything else (physical, background check, etc). But how rude. It really stinks that we just have to sometimes "suck it up" because theres just so many replacements out there and no jobs. But wow after going through a tough job hunt, finalllly getting hired, and then to have to deal with this, ugh my sympathies are with you. Please let us know what happens. If you dont hear from them by the stated time, id probably go back and speak with hr. I wish you the best of luck and hope to hear good news soon!!
  5. by   ChrissySnowRN
    Thank you so much for the advice, yes I'm going to continue searching while waiting with my fingers crossed. I was so disappointed, I'll definitely let you know if they call me.
  6. by   BostonTerrierLoverRN
    I hope this works out for you, at least the excuse does sound legit, even if disorganized. I know how hard it is for New Grads out there right now! I hope this is just a minor speed bump on a long happy road to your dream job soon!

    Hang in there