Wanting to go into nursing

  1. I have been reading all these messages about wherethere to be a nurse or not and i must say some of it kind of makes me draw back a little. I just retired from the corporate world and it was just as bad. I think what I hated most was the corporate job did not fit me as a person. I've always wanted to be a nurse and at 40 years old I'm aware that they will be goods and bads. I have already been to college more than once. !!1st time I got a degree in dental hygiene ended up working for SWB for 16 years. Along the way I got back into college wanting to go into nusring but ended up in respiratory school. THat was put on hold when my husband was transfered 4 years ago and I had our last child. I really want to go into nursing and I have worked in the hospital setting doing my clinicals for respiratory so I don't have a sugar coated view of what goes on. I still feel it is a gift that GOD gave me and I must use it. I feel probably putting up with nursing school will be the hardest. STill if we as people do what motivates us and guides us our job for the most part will be enjoyable. I not trying to be ms merry sunshine I'm just telling you that the other side is just as bad in some ways<corporate world> Any advice or suggestion into getting into nursing school would be a plus. THere is a school collin county junior college in my town. My other degree is from a university.

    On another note I have been a patient in the hospital several time the last few years and I may not have had any of you guys but I know the ones who were awesome I thank and told them everyday. I really appreicated the caring and kindness.
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  3. by   live4today
    Nursing has always done right by me, and I am so thankful that the memories I do have are good ones. It's a bit frightening to read about those things that are going on in the hospitals today, so I'm not so sure I want to come off of my 5 year sabbatical from nursing.

    I say, if you have the desire to pursue a career as a nurse, go for it! What is bothersome to some, may not be bothersome to others. You'll never know if you don't put both feet in at the same time and run with the decision to become the best nurse you can be.

    As for whether to go to a community college for nursing, that again is an individual decision that only you should make. Any program that graduates nurses who pass state boards and receives their license to practice as a RN is still acceptable right now, so choose what works best for you. If down the road, things change and BSN is the level of entry for all nurses, then you can always return to school for a year or so and pursue that as well. Don't get so stuck on 'how' you become a nurse. Focus all of your energies on 'becoming' that nurse you've always wanted to be. Best of everything to you!
  4. by   songbird
    I have to agree with Donna that I'm bit taken back by the number of negative comments on the bulliten board. Nursing has always been an interest for me and I am giving serious thought to going back for a second bachelors in Nursing. (Got my first bachelors in 1999 in Communications and am currently working as an event planner.) There do seem to be a lot of very unsatisfied nurses out there and I find it worrisome. I thought (stupidly, I suppose) that the upside to nursing would be a family-friendly profession with rewarding work, flexible hours, decent pay and lots of opportunity for over-time. Judging from your comments, it sounds like the rewards are few, overtime is forced, days off are wasted on exhaustion, and the pay scale varies (greatly) from state to state.

    I want to be a nurse because it's a career that "cares" but it worries me that no one seems to care about nurses. I also like that it offers many opportunities in terms of career paths and I wonder if there are any Nurse Practicitioners, MidWives, or Traveling Nurses who have comments regarding their career choices.

    I wonder if - aside from the extraneous factors like long hours, and not be appreciated - if, you like your work. On a day to day basis, do you like working with the patients? Do you like working in a hospital setting? Do you like your co-workers? Do you like going to work every day? Is nursing fun? Is it rewarding? Is it worth it?

    Going back for a second degree is risky for me (not to mention expensive!) and I'm second guessing my choice, based mostly on your comments.

    Thanks in advance for any replies.

    P.S. - I'm trying to find a hospital in the Washington D.C. area that will let me, as a non-student, shadow a nurse (I'd like to get a taste for the daily grind before I commit to the schooling). Any information or leads would be very helpful!
  5. by   StudentSandra

    I started at a community college in the fall of 2000, took one year of the support classes. I am now finishing up the second semester of an ADN program and will graduate in May 2003. I am 43 now & figure I will be close to 45 by the time I pass the boards.

    School is school, just like work, some good, some bad. At my school all the instructors are wonderful, the material is difficult, but that is how it should be. As an older student that just always wanted to be a nurse, I feel this was the right decision for me. I left a wonderful job as an Oral Surgery assistant to go to school. It was a hard choice, but I just feel in my soul that I should be a nurse.

    Yes, there are many discouraging remarks on message boards, but I really feel that a great deal of it is venting to others that understand where they are coming from. Don't get me wrong, I know there are problems in nursing, but there are problems in all professions.

    Good luck in your quest, feel free to e-mail me if you would like.

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  6. by   Bonnie RN
    I agree with cheerfuldoer. If you want to go into nursing, more power to ya! I have been a nurse for five years, haven't had to work full-time, have done mostly prn work, so I love the flexibility. The first couple of years were nervewracking to me, getting to know nursing (not that I know it all now), but at least now I am a little more comfortable in my general skills. Best of luck to you!
  7. by   Figaro's Mom
    Donna & Songbird: I'm in the same predicament and decided I would first try to pursue a CNA and see if I had the 'mettle' to continue further. The hospital where I live is in the process of planning a CNA program this summer so I am looking into that. I told my husband last night I was tired of working jobs that did not seem fulfilling or worthwhile. I would like to do something meaningful, which is why I'm looking into nursing.
  8. by   delirium
    I think its important to understand that this bulletin board is not designed to 'recruit' people into the field of nursing.
    It is more of a place for nurses to vent their concerns, frustrations, joys, heartaches.... its not all pleasant and its not all negative. If a few comments could deter you from following your dream, perhaps nursing isn't what you want to do anyway.
    Listen to yourself. Do you know what nursing is all about? If you do, and you want to be a nurse, great. If you don't, find out.
    All the comments in the world about whether other nurses like their work environment, patients, schedule, etc., isn't going to help you decide if you want to be a nurse.
    Only you can do that.
    I look at this board as a valuable insight into nursing today and what I will be faced with when I graduate and pass boards.
    Follow your gut. Your heart. Whatever is strongest. Don't base a lifelong decision on the words of strangers.
  9. by   LoveYaHon
    I agree with everyone's posts.I also am thinking of nursing as my future career.When my Mama was dying I spent most of my time in the hospital.That truly gave me a realistic picture of nursing.Sometimes I saw them laughing and eating stuff in the lounge.The same day I saw them running in a panic trying to put a 200lb man back in his bed.I saw them giggling at a patient's comments and exchanging in chatter.The same day I saw them trying to hold back tears as that same patient dies.I've seen nurses who hated their jobs,and I've seemed some who loved it.With nursing you can cry,laugh,smile,frown,and develope a headache all in one day.Thats a normal day too.From the experience I've had with nurses,I've gained a odd respect for them.They do the real work,not the doctors.I hope you think about this a while,it is an important decision.But I wish you the best of luck,and you'll need it if you are like me in the decision making department.LOL. = ]
    P.S. Nursing will be my major in college.Im not even high school
    !yet!,but I just know its right for me. = ]
    G-d Bless!
  10. by   GraceM
    Donna, you and I are the same! I have a BA in Media Studies, and I am seriously thinking of nursing school.

    I have no children, but I have guardianship of my 12 year old niece. I can't be out of work to go to school because I need college money for my niece, and all sorts of other money.

    I work in the internet marketing field, and I HATE it. I look at the clock ALL day. What a sin, to wish the hours of your life would go by sooner.

    The postings on this board made me think twice about nursing, but we should think twice. As another poster said, this board is not meant to recruit. Also, as someone else said, there are good and bad things about any career. My co-workers don't do any work that is nearly as grueling as what nurses do, yet they complain all day long too! I think people have a natural tendency to vent. That being said, you have to look at things realistically too.

    I am also trying to find a hospital that will let me shadow. No luck yet. I think I will volunteer at a hospital near my house though. That might give me some of my own insight and help with my decision.

  11. by   jevans
    Nurses on the whole love what they are doing but we also like to sound off to same minded people and who better other nurses who understang frustration, worries, doubts and even anger. We also love to share good news and deeds.
    Even on your worst day a patient will do or say something and it makes you feel wonderful. Lets not lose sight that we all had our own reasons for becoming a nurse and remaining one, cos we don't have to look at the nursing shortages globally!!!!
  12. by   joenp
    Nursing needs you!!! You have a vast array of life experiences that will only enhance your nursing career. You have been in a variety of careers, of which nursing is the next, and hopefully the final choice for you. It appears that you have always wanted to get here but have somehow not made it. Well, go for it!!! See what it is that you have been trying to get to. Good luck in your journey!! joenp
  13. by   b-lansing
    Hi everyone! I'm 41 years old, and a CNA at a ltc facility. I really hate my job: as aides we're treated like chattle. I've been giving some serious thought to nursing school but I have those days when the doubt monster comes to visit. You see, I wasn't a good math and science student 22+ years ago and at times I feel too dumb to go to nursing school. HELP!!!
  14. by   lisatx
    Hi ! b-lansing

    I am also a CNA , just got certified in May. I want to go into the nursing field so I decided to do the cna first. I currently work at a womens clinic. I am also not soooooooo good at math in fact I hate it !!! But I Will be going to school for the LPN
    next fall . don't let these(math&science)put you down. Just say to yourself "I CAN DO IT!!!!" and you will . God Bless!!