UD sabotaging attempts at new position?

  1. Hey all.

    is this even possible? Is it legal?
    Im an RN in a l1Trauma hospital on a Step-Down. Been there for around 4-years. I overall have a good track record, no issues, etc. But am ready to make a change... over the past few years I've applied now and again to jobs but felt like Ok if I don't get them no big deal. I wanted to give my Unit a decent amount of time. Learn..
    Ive since decided I'm ready for the change and am looking at moving to Critical Care. Some of the goals I have require some CC experience and again looking for higher acuity.

    im starting to wonder if my UD who is indeed known to get goofy about staff leaving is sabotaging my chances because we have such a high turn-over and I'm considered "seasoned".

    Last month I applied to 8 CC jobs all with my hospital system got interviews for all 8 and went and did the interview and shadowed and I assumed as I have experience and did well that I'd get at least a few offers.

    I'm understandably upset.

    Is this possible? Do I need to quit and then apply... although I do not want to do that or apply for positions in another Hospital system or what?

    I'm really starting to get a gut feeling the UD is sabotaging me.

    Any advice?

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  3. by   meanmaryjean
    Have you gone to him/ her and asked?
  4. by   elkpark
    Everywhere I've ever worked, an internal transfer was conditional on your current unit being willing to let you go. It's certainly possible and "legal."
  5. by   caliotter3
    It is certainly possible, and even probable. Even if you apply outside the system, this person could blacklist you. That is the chance that one takes when one decides to look for greener pastures.
  6. by   madareebrahim
    So essentially I'm stuck? Uff! That's completely messed up. I know she's held seasoned staff for an entire 6week schedule but to deny... I may just email the recruiters who I was in contact with. Even as a new grad I got 4 job interviews and 2 offers and I was a PCT before that yet here I am 4 years and 8 interviews and nothing...??? I know CCs have new Nurse applicants up the wazoo so I'd assume having experience and on a very acute step down would help. But 8 and no offers!

    I work weekend program so never see the UD I'd have to purposely come in to chat with her. I think though I may follow up with the recruiters first.

    Ok so now I'm stuck unless I quite which I'd rather not do as I have seniority and have been with this system almost a decade!
  7. by   debirn918
    You might want to pull extra shifts or volunteer to float to these desired departments. Have you been taking any additional educational offerings related to your desired position? Are the positions you want only on weekends. Maybe working during the week will allow you to work with others and gain a greater opportunity to float to these areas. Just a thought. Good Luck