Took a year off and now I'm having problems

  1. I took a year off to go sailing when my husband retired. I had worked in Interventional Radiology (as RN) and I loved it, but when I came back there were no openings. I took a job in a different specialty at the same hospital but I was unhappy (frequent days with overtime combined with frequent call outs.) So after 3 months, I took a job at a different hospital, trying another new specialtyand got fired 30days into orientation: I was "not a good fit."

    Okay, very depressing. I have gone from being a happy well rounded person to someone who: 1. feels like a loser thanks to being fired
    2. looks like an idiot for taking off a year to fulfill a dream then can't seem to keep a job 3. is desperately now looking for work, yet is afraid to try something new and afraid i'll fail again.

    Mind you I have 4+ years experience in I/R and 4+ experience in acute/critical care, yet my confidence is shot and I fear I look desperate. Should I continue to apply to my specialty even though I haven't worked in it for 16 months? What else can I do? I know I made my own bed but I could use some advice on how to lie on it.
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  3. by   steelcityrn
    Is it possible for you to just work per diem right now? Your beating yourself up too much. You only live once, if I could take a year off to go sailing, I would do the same thing. Keep looking, forget about the place that fired you, like it never happened! Someone once said, the good thing about being fired were not supposed to be there to begin with!
  4. by   SuesquatchRN
    Oy. I feel for you - I just lost a job for that "you don't fit in" nonsense.

    Insha'allah, you'll find your path.
  5. by   inshallamiami
    Thank you steelcity rn and suesquatch for your kind replies. I wasn't sure if posting my problem on line was a good idea, like I wonder if HR people are scanning the ads going, hmm, I recognize her! I am forging ahead, applying away and hoping for the best. I would not have traded my year off for anything but I don't think it's helped my career! Of course sometimes I worry that the problem is that I'm 55 years old (though strong and fun, I hope.)

    Also, suesquatch, I have followed your particular story, how are you now?
  6. by   2blackcats
    Now I'm only a CNA working on getting into nursing school...but I think this question isn't really about's almost more about work in general.

    Listen...if you're good at what you do...and liked what you did BEFORE getting's time to pick yourself up, dust yourself off...and you know what? If they didn't want you...that's their loss!!!!

    You need to realize that just because ONE place didn't "like" you...doesn't mean they will ALL be that way. I think you're not giving yourself enough credit. I know for a FACT that there are areas in the hospital I would not fit in. I LOVE my MED/SURG floor and wouldn't trade it for the world...and can't WAIT to work there post nursing school if I ever get in! LOL!

    Don't let one thing get you place that doesn't like you can't rule your whole career. Nurses are known to be the toughest people out there. I say start applying RIGHT NOW! And try something maybe you haven't thought of before.

    I'm gonna cross my fingers and my toes for just have to find what you like second best to IR.

    Good luck...but PLEASE don't give up!