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Hi, I am graduating in May and have already begun applying for new graduate med-surg positions. I am prepared to dress professionally to interview (of course), as well as research each company be... Read More

  1. by   basalganglia
    I have 3 tattoos, all of which remain covered on the job. I would keep them covered and find out what policy is if hired. Don't feel you need to bring them up during interview
  2. by   cowboy_carl
    It really sucks that this even has to be an issue. I think that the severity depends on your location. I live in a very conservative town which is 60 percent mormon (mormons believe that our bodies are temples of god, and view tattoos as graffiti of a sacred institution) and I think people here would be disgusted by a nurse with visible tattoos. However, in a more liberal area, let's say, Eugene, OR, you might not take as much flak.

    It would be great if people weren't so quick to judge, but we all know that's not how it is. With that in mind, I think the best thing to do is show them who you are, and then show them your tattoos.

    The only time this becomes a problem for me is when people parade their tattoos and piercings. For example, I once had a male co-worker who was very sexually intrusive; he would tell male co-workers that their wives were hot, and go on and on about it. I was standing with him at an isolation cart, and he was gloving up for the isolation room. As he put on his gloves he said, "I like my gloves tight, just like my condoms." Just weird stuff like that out of this guy all the time. He eventually got canned for bragging about his "prince albert" (pierced penis) to a female patient on a psych ward. I don't think that tattoos and piercing should be flaunted, but if you can't cover them then oh well.
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  3. by   getoverit
    I don't think tattoos look professional as a nurse. That being said, I was in the NAVY for a number of years and am covered in tattoos (none of them are offensive or vulgar in any way) and I wear long sleeves all the time at work. INcluding to an interview. unless you work somewhere that your manager or director has them uncovered it's probably best not to show them.
    Some people have posted about older people interpreting them the wrong way and I think that's highly probable. I basically think that when someone's sick and in the hospital they shouldn't have to look at anything that would make them more uncomfortable or lessen the confidence they have in their nurse.
  4. by   cowboy_carl
    Quote from RNREMT-P
    I basically think that when someone's sick and in the hospital they shouldn't have to look at anything that would make them more uncomfortable or lessen the confidence they have in their nurse.

    I agree with that statement. I foresee them becoming more and more acceptable as time rolls on. I think that a strength my generation (y) has is that we are more open minded.
  5. by   NickiLaughs
    I have three tattoos, so far I've made sure all of them can be covered by scrubs. I don't think they should be seen at work, though many coworkers know I have them from off-site hanging out. The quarter sleeve I may eventually get could change things and I might be stuck with long sleeves...hehe
  6. by   MaddieRN
    I was recently enrolled in a course about professionalism and nursing. To this day I am still stunned that there is any debate about whether nursing is a profession or not. That being said I think as nurses we need to present ourselves in a professional manner. Let's face it, nobody debates whether a Dr. is a professional and you don't often see their tattoos if they have any. If someone chooses to have a tattoo that is their choice however because we are nurses I don't think they should be visible at work. Just my opinion of course!
  7. by   gypsychik
    I recently went for an interview with the UT Health Science Center and no one said anything about my tattoos....and I am tattooed from top to bottom..nothing on the face, hands or anything like that...but I actually got alot of compliments. I am hoping that my tattoos do not hinder my future nursing endeavors...according to you guys' stories, professional experiences and opinions......
  8. by   MikeRN0603
    dude listen i been an emergency nurse for over 6 years now and another thing i have 2 full blown sleeves and script letter running down my lower neck, having tattoos shouldn't let it bother you from whatever decision you make in the medical sleeve i sometimes cover it and sometimes i just dont feel like covering them and let them show, i work at 2 hospitals whose regualtions are pretty strict but im pretty damn good at my job so they dont care as long as i'm being professional so take it from me you got nothing to worry about