So I am scared out of my mind.

  1. So i just got back from the open house at university of louisville, Every thing seems really cool and i cant wait for this last year of highschool to end. The only thing that worries me is I dont think i am ready for college. I am in a CNA program and will take my state bords by the end of school in 07.

    What are are ways I can prepare for Nursing school in College? I am willing to try any thing.

    Thankful for any feed back! -wade
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  3. by   LuvMyGamecocks
    Go ahead and get the general education courses out of the way before you register for clinicals (assuming no wait list)....the English, Math, Psych, etc.

    Then, go for the Science classes and try to make the connections that will give you good grades in Anatomy & Physiology and Microbiology. It only seems natural that understanding how and where the body works should make clinicals a little easier. . .

    Most of all, be patient. You'll develop some confidence once you get some basic courses out of the way. At least you would understand basically how college works. Then, once you've got some credit hours under your belt, you'll feel more confident going into the harder science and nursing courses.

  4. by   flwrgypsy6
    First I would like to say - welcome to the medical profession. I am a new grad - I passed my RN boards Sept. 18. I decided to jump in head first - I am working in CCU. I am scared out of my mind every day. I think that is what helps keep me focused. We do daily rounds on all our patients with several different levels of the med. proffesion. The first time I had to talk about my patient in front of the doc, pharms, etc - I froze when our PCM asked "what about safety on this pt" I was blank - so she says "what can we do to harm this pt. today?" From that day on - I keep that in the back of my mind - how could I harm my pt.s? This makes me double check all my meds, ask all the silly questions that come into mind, and think before I start to chart. One thing I heard over and over in nursing school was how school is NOTHING like the real world. Boy is that true. You can not learn everything in school. Especially if you have a speciality in mind that you want to work in. Just asks questions - there is never a dumb question. And as far as acedemics - try to do all your gen.ed.s first - it allows you to focus on nursing as the semesters go on and get progressively harder. Good Luck!!!

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    Your young and have a lot of time which is always a good thing

    I would go for your BSN for sure. Take you time, if your worried about college, just start with your general education classes (English Comp, math, sociology, etc etc) first since.

    You could just take a couple classes and work as a CNA, that will give you some really good experience. Your going to do great I think and your going to get more confidence the farther along you get.