Should I do this or Not?

  1. I am 30 years old with 3 children. 2 in school and 1 at home, she is almost 3. Anyway to tell you a little about myself, I am currently a stay-at-home-mom and will have to return back to work when Kaelyn starts school. My problem is that I do not have an education and you know what that means, the jobs out there for me are jobs I do not want. I have done many things such as: waitressed, cashiered, been a receptionist, etc. These are things that I just do not want to do!!!

    My husband thinks I would make a great nurse. At first I thought I will just try it out and become a LPN but I have talked to a few nurses and they say, "Do not waste your time, go all the way!!"

    I did graduate from high school but my grades were horrible. But like my husband says, I never really had to apply myself because my parents did not care if I made good or bad grades so my motivation was terrible. But he has sooo much faith in me, I am just sooo afraid of failing. I will be taking the ACT in March so that is what I am focusing on right this moment.

    I guess my ??? are this. What do you think of someone going to school after being out for 12 years? What do you think of someone entering nursing that had trouble with school, especially MATH?
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  3. by   onlyaPre-nurse
    Hello I will be 30 next month and just started my pre/co reqs this spring.I too did awfull in High school.but this is diff. I am a lot more mature this time and I am finding it easier to do my best.Also i completely BOMBED the math part of my admission test so i am now in BASIC math.I am doing some of the same stuff my 9 yr old is!!!! But....I was going to try and jump up a level than i thought about it...I am going to school full time and a couple classes are kinda hard so I figure I will stay in the basic so I can focus on my other studies.and also in the math you will find yourself saying "oh ya I remember how to do that". Hey if I can do it anyone can (I flunked out of pre-alg in H.S).GOOD LUCK
  4. by   2banurse
    All I can say is "join the crowd." As you look through this BB, you will see that there are a lot of posters who are returning to school after many years outside of the school. I myself am 38 and currently finishing my prereqs so that I can start nursing next semester (fall 2003). I think that as a more mature student, your motivation will be totally different than when you were younger.

    Wishing you the best of luck!
  5. by   SirJohnny

    - Regarding going back to school later in life.

    It's no big deal. Do not worry about it. About 1/4 of the "kids" in class will be over 25 yrs old. It's just a fact of today's society.

    I quit trucking in 1990 (25 yrs old). Went to school, and made it all the way through and got an MS-Comp Sci degree.

    Sure, I stumbled along at first - until I got my act together. But I was determined that I could do it. And with a little luck and determination, I did.

    - What you need to do.

    1. Start taking a class or two (non-nursing) at one of your local Community Colleges. The cost is cheap, there will be LOTS of folks in the same situation as you (someone to talk too), and it will give you time to develop study skills. If you find that you need to repeat a course two or three times (in order to develop your study skills and mental discipline) - you won't ruin your chances of getting into nursing school.

    2. If you do good at this Community College. See if nursing school will accept their credits and continue getting your pre-requisites out of the way.

    3. If you do bad at this Community College. Then stop and do a re-assessment of your life. And make a decision.


    4. You will find the discipline of maintianing a study schedule to be a lot easier at this stage in your life than before. It's a maturity thing. You know the consequences if you don't study.

    5. That being said. You will want to study 1 or 2 hours per day for the easy classes (History, Psychology, etc). You will want to sdudy 2 to 3 hours per day for tougher classes (Math, Chemistry, Anatomy, etc.). So adjust your course load according to your personal situation.


    6. You said math was hard.

    Well, the reason you find it hard was due to your bad study habits in your youth. If you put 2 to 3 hours a day EVERY DAY!!!!! then you will get through the math.

    You should be at the point in your life where going to the library is just like going to the grocery store. You just do it.

    Most math textbooks are tough to read. So what you do is go to either your local library or Barnes & Nobles and start doing research on the types of problems you are having difficulty with.

    Also, use these texts as another viewpoint of solving/understanding the problem.


    7. Not only does item #6 above apply to mathematics, but it applies to your other subjects as well.


    - I would recommend getting a laptop and printer (laser) to do your studying with. Not good for math, but good for classes that have lots of notes/etc. You will also want to use your laptop for doing papers/etc.

    - I say laptop, as you can take it anywhere with you. It's worth the extra $$. Also, get extra batteries for it.


    Item 8:

    - If you are saying you can't do the above, or are not willing to do the above. Then stop. Because you are not ready to make the committment (mentally) to pursue a college degree.

    - You've probably seen the "Mario" thread about the ex-army dude who got kicked out of nursing school. You see the excuses this gentleman has been making.

    - You do not want to make the same mistakes. No one is going to be out to get you. YOU and ONLY YOU determine your success or failure.

    Sure, it will be an emotional rollercoaster. Sure, the kids and hubby will be total immature pain in the rear-ends at the worst possible times. You will have to just suck it all up and grin and bear it. That's life. No excuses.


    Bottom Line:

    If you are willing to do the above and are willing to accept consequences for your actions and not make any excuses - then I say GO FOR IT!!!! KICK SOME SERIOUS REAR-END OUT THERE!!!!!

    Good luck.

    John Coxey
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  6. by   renerian
    Go for it. Do you have any friends who are nurses who you could talk with over coffee or something? I guess it depends what you would like to do. RNs can do more but LPNs can be the right arm for a health care team. Both are so important.

  7. by   Tilleycs
    I agree with the person who said you should give it a try at the community college level. I've taken Medical Terminology I & II and am currently taking Medical Billing at the local community college, and the cost is only $55 per course (they're continuing education classes).

    Just remember that you're NOT the same person you were in high school. You've learned a lot and grown a LOT. You realize how important it is to do well in school and be very efficient with your time and prioritize things. Put your past behind you and go make a great future for yourself. Good luck!
  8. by   TJjam
    Hi! You sound like me when I was deciding to go to school! I have 3 kids 1 in college.I am SO glad I decided to go back to school.My dream was always to be a nurse but always put it off at the back of my mind,thought I couldnt do it but I was wrong I am doing it.Taking A&P right now and basic math(which ive always struggled with) Just DO IT if you feel it in your heart! God Bless! TJjam
  9. by   MICU RN
    Great advice so far, however , you may want to make a list of other possibilities that you may want to pursue if nursing is not for you. The energry and sacrifice you will be required to put forth is considerable, even for an associates degree, so make sure it is what you want to do.
  10. by   FutureNurse2005
    We have a lot of similarities! I too had horrendous grades in high school! My family did not care...therefore I did not care!
    But, after I had my son, I sat down and cried for about 3 straight hours. I just wondered what the heck I was going to do with my life!
    I have always been interested in Nursing, so, I enrolled in a correspondence course (Medical Office Assistant) This has enabled me to create new study skills, learn some basic terminology, as well, when application time comes around, the colleges will see that since high school I have made an effort (and successful at that! my average is 95%!!) to upgrade, and that will show how I have matured and that I can handle it.

    I am so anxious to get started! I cannot apply until December 2004 (for Fall 2005 start). I start volunteering at my local hospital next month, and I couldnt be more excited.

    My suggestion to you is to take some classes to upgrade and create new study skills. As well, volunteer at a hospital (or wherever your nursing interest lies) to get an inside look at the job.

    I wish you all the very best!!! YOU CAN DO IT!!!
  11. by   chae
    I am 32 and stated classes in Auguat 2002 after being a house wife for a long time. You have the most important thing going already, your husbands support. Like my aunt says' "Go for Gold"
  12. by   cindylouwho
    some believe nursing is a good choice because of the flexibility for family life with children......partly true in some sense but I have missed my fair share of meetings and important weekends because of nursing....if I had a 9-5 job monday thru friday...most of it I would have been able to for holidays...if your family isn't flexible about the actual day they choose to will miss out on those too.....20 years ago I would have encouraged anyone to go into nursing....not so today...I love the's everything else that goes with it that I don't love........
  13. by   mert
    "Just DO it!!" You won't regret it. I went back to school as a single Mom, pregnant and just out of a REAL bad relationship. Spent some of the time in a shelter. It was a challenge, but I am SOOO glad I did it. I still wish I could have gone for my RN, but for now I am quite content being an RPN. This was 9 years ago, and things are pretty good, now. LUV my job! (Gotta love your job.)
  14. by   Lasoniamacaroni
    Here's my two cents. Go for it. I am going to be starting nursing school at the age of 29. I, like you, have had all kinds of jobs from hostessing to tons of receptionist jobs. I have tossed the idea of nursing since the age of 17. I just never did it. I graduated from high school with a 2.3 average. (not too proud) After 12 years of no school, i came back with a vengeance. I now have a 3.7 and am kickin some butt in school. It's amazing how working 2 jobs to make ends meet motivates you. I don't want to work 2 jobs forever, so that's what is keeping me afloat. Good luck in your endeavor and GO FOR IT!