RN or RT?

  1. Hi yall..... I'm a lurker, but coming out of the closet with a question this morning...

    Some of you might remember me - I posted a question about RN to MD a while back... My dream is ultimately to become an MD, but my husband and have separated and I have two little kids to support.... so med school just isn't going to be in the cards for me anytime soon. That said, I'm looking to get into an allied health profession, which who knows, I may love so much that I forget the idea of med school altogether!

    My trouble now is... I'm waffling - waffling between RT (x-ray) school and RN. I'm taking the last of my pre-reqs for both the ADN and RT program this term, and trying to decide what to apply to for the fall!

    Anyway, I don't know if anyone here knows much about RT (or any of the advanced modalities in x-ray like CT, MRI, sono, etc) vs RN, but if anyone has any advice/input or anything comparing/contrasting these two careers, I'd very much appreciate hearing from you!

    Thanks gals!
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  3. by   renerian
    If I have to do it again I would probably pick RT. They are getting good benies, good sign ons and traveling assignments. Good options for you. I am eager to see what others think.

  4. by   EmeraldNYL
    Well, if you want to eventually go to med school, you will need a Bachelor's degree and also some prereqs like physics, biology, and general and organic chemistry. Which program would most help you to meet your ultimate goals? Which program would allow you to transfer the most credits to complete your bachelor's? I think nursing would be better because you will learn a broader base of information, which will help you if you do ultimately decide to apply to med school.
  5. by   manna

    Nobody else has an opinion on this? LOL

    Thanks ladies!
  6. by   2banurse
    Is there any problem with applying for both? I know that here in Florida both are needed. If you go the RT route, you can then go to further education for radiation therapy. I've friends who are radiation therapy techs and they make a very good salary.

    Good luck!
  7. by   New CCU RN
    Perhaps you could shadow both and see which role interests you more.

    However, if medicine is your ultimate goal, I would actually dare to suggest getting your Bachelor's degree in perhaps Bio or Chem and just concentrating on your undergrad studies and preparing for the MCATs. You can volunteer to get your hands on experience.

    Although you do mention that right now medicine seems a bit far off bc of financial reasons. Which I resort back to saying you ought to try and research a little more and see which one interests you more. Good luck with the decisions.
  8. by   New CCU RN
    Although, I did hear that RT's salaries are actually more than RN's in many places.... hmm....don't know if that sways you one way or another.
  9. by   baseline
    Lots of opportunities in both fields. As well as Respiratory therapy.
  10. by   christanje
    Wow, I'm in the same place, kinda. I am currently in x-ray school because I was told that I shouldn't go into nursing. I like x-ray, but I am constantly thinking about how much I'd rather be a nurse. I want all of the responsibility that goes along with nursing. I am having a really hard time trying to decide what to do.