RN- BSN Can't Find a job w/ 6 months Ex.

  1. A little bit about myself. I was a single mother until a year ago, when I got married to my now husband. I completed my ADN at a local community college. I am graduating this week with a 3.8 GPA, being inducted into Sigma and was consitedered for other Honor programs. I have a few disabilities like audio prossessing disorder and a speech impediment these "abilities" are more of the internal nature so you would not know just by looking at me. I have worked hard to overcome but it tends to show its ugly head durring interviews. Lucky me, right? I noticed that at any time that I fill out an application and it asks for the statement if a personmay have or have had a disability I mark yes. I ussaly receive a rejection letter. I have worked very hard for this! Learning does not come easy to me but I am a very dedicated nurse. I pour hours over a subject to get it down correctly. I landed a job at one of the big two for dialysis (I don't want to go back to) but my husband got injured in a car accident. I had to quit my job to take care of him full time. He is better now and I'm back trying to find a job. I have been applying to jobs for anything and everything that has an RN I title. I have about seven months of experience which is too much for a residency here or too little to land a job that requires experience. To make my search harder an area hospitail just closed and there is about 900 people out looking for jobs that are experienced and ready to work that are now my compatition. I feel bad about the situation but I have been on this hunt longer. On the plus side I have been interviewing with mutiple hospitals for this area. I feel like I am getting better at interviews. I have many ambitions about my career path I do plan on going back to school for my MSN then for my DNP. It is my passion to help people. I feel like it is my calling. As soon as I get the experience that I so desperatly need I will start the pursute of a mentor for my upcoming degree. I have tried applying long term crit care, SNFs, and everywhere in between. I was one of the nurse volenteers for Harvey. One more down side about this whole situation my ex-husband had a clause in our divorce that I'm only allowed to live one county away from his. This was a problem with my job search. I was informed that I would have to file with the courts to move. He has other stipulations like the standard posession order but I have to switch off my child with his mother because of a protective order for family violence. I don't think that relocating would be a problem though because of the situation that I am in with trying to find a job. I have many rejection letters and doccumentation of failed interviews. His child support is just $250 a month. His mother pays because he will not get a job. I went back to school and is process of earning three degrees with two of them in nursing after I left. I have grown as a person but I just need a job. I just want to help others. Any help would be a huge help to me and a brighter future for my family. Thank you in advance and happy nurse's week!
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  3. by   beekee
    If you just need a job, then dialysis is probably where you need to go...for now. It doesn't have to be forever, but it'll give you an income while you continue to look. With hundreds of experienced nurses looking for jobs right now due to the hospital closure, any job - even those that are less desirable - are going to be tougher to land. Stick it out in dialysis for a couple months, maybe even a year, until the huge influx of job lookers has been absorbed and there's less competition. Good luck!

    (Or you could try relocating.)
  4. by   sadangelbleu
    I will most likely relocate. Most places that do dialysis want 18 months of experience. I went to one interview today for a dialysis job and that was the common saying.
  5. by   not.done.yet
    I do not know if this is pertinent and am not intending to come across as snarky, but there are a LOT of typos in your post above. Be sure you go over your resume with a fine tooth comb.

    It is likely you will need to relocate. Target areas that are rural and high need, such as the Texas/Mexico border.
  6. by   sadangelbleu
    Thank you! I did not have my checker on. I have dyslexia and I did use outside help for my resume. Plus, I had two other people check it for errors. I did get a call back from one near Austin. I hope this will be the one.