Resume for RN With One Year of Med/Surg Experience

  1. I've just completed my first year in nursing and have decided that hospital shift work is not for me. I'm ready to start looking for something in home health or hospice, or perhaps a doctor's office.

    I'm not sure about what to put on my resume. One year of med/surg is all I have in the way of nursing experience. I don't want to sell myself short; I've seen and done a LOT in the past year on my floor, but how do I put together a professional resume that doesn't look too "thin"? Does anyone have an example of a resume for a nurse with just one year of experience?

    I'm also not sure who to use for references. I don't want the people at work to know that I am looking for another job, but I suppose that the references a prospective employer would want would be those with whom I have worked as a nurse. Since this is my first nursing job, who can I use as a reference?

    Prior to going to nursing school, I worked as a phlebotomist at a blood bank. Should I include that in my employment history, or are only nursing jobs included? What about awards and honors received in nursing school?

    I also have several decades of experience as part of a pastoral ministry couple; my husband and I have received intensive training on interpersonal relationships, effective communication, etc, all of which I have found to be extremely beneficial to my work as an RN. Do I include that experience somewhere in my resume?

    Thanks for any advice!
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  3. by   caliotter3
    Include your work history, especially the phlebotomist experience. As you progress in your career, you will be able to leave out the non-medical entries. Spend more attention on your medical job. Look for examples of resumes for those in your circumstances. You might want to put some of your clinical experience from school and leave out the non-medical now. I found an excellent book on resumes for medical careers at the bookstore that cost about $16.
  4. by   nadinekRN
    Hi, I have just completed my first year of nursing - med-surg - and am ready to move on. How did the resume turn out? Did you find another job?
  5. by   sleeplessinnyc
    Hi, i have a similar question, i completed my first year of nursing and i plan to include my medical experience, clinical rotations and a section for skills. Where do you think they should all go on the resume in terms of order? Right this is what i have.

    Community Service

    Any advice would be appreciated.
  6. by   AngelNurse2b
    I'm in the same position. It's been a year and I'm already burnt out on the PCU level and am looking for alternatives. So, it's been a year, Missnina RN. What happened? Any tips?
  7. by   Nurse AllBetta
    Me three, been there, done that, got the t-shirt. Ready to expand my horizons. I want to remain optimistic despite the economy. I truly enjoy nursing but have realized (even in RN school) bedside care is not for me. But GOD bless the experience. I am at this minute trying to think of a way to re-structure my resume.
  8. by   JjoBsn
    MissiniaRN (OP) how did things work out for you? Were u able to find a non-hospital position? Anyone else?