Quickest way to cash?

  1. I just graduated nursing school and accepted my first job (med-surg). Obviously I'm on the very bottom of a steep learning curve, but I'm hoping to be competent within a year.

    I've accrued quite a bit of debt going through nursing school, and once I've put in a year on my floor I want to consider branching out into other options that will pay more. That could include agency work 1-2 days a week on top of my regular work schedule, or working overtime at my job, etc. etc. Basically, I'm willing to work some long hours for extra income.

    For experienced nurses out there, what would be your recommendation for maximizing my income in the short term? Should I go agency? Per diem? Are the other options I don't know about? Once the debt's paid off, I'll resume a normal work schedule....
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  3. by   richardjboro1
    Just a student here, but I know several hopsitals around here that pay back loans for a certain time committment. Have yo ulooked into that there?
  4. by   grnmtngirl
    I'm also a student.

    Quickest ways I'm looking at for cash:
    Working nights in a hospital with a big night diff.
    Working weekends in a hospital with a big weekend diff.
    Working baylor weekends (work 24- get paid for 40) and then picking up agency days monday thru friday
    Working a specialty area and being available for OT at time and a half when your GN period is over
    And finally... working the holidays for double time since nobody else wants to work!
  5. by   Pachinko
    EXCELLENT ideas! Thank you!
  6. by   Jo Dirt
    Quote from grnmtngirl
    And finally... working the holidays for double time since nobody else wants to work!
    No one else wants to work because they get double time whether they works or not. The poor schmucks who get stuck working aren't getting double time, considering they are already there working.
  7. by   Tweety
    You're really not ready for Agency work. Floor don't give Angency nurses much if any orientation and expect you go know what you're doing. Some even dump on the agencie nurse giving them the hardest assignments because their bitter that you're making more money. Most agencies require a year experience.

    You're best best is working the highest paying shifts, nights and weekends, and signing up for overtime on your unit and other units. If you work in a large facility call the staffer and tell them you're available and to call you anytime they need help on x, y and z floors that you are willing to do overtime on.