1. Can a RN with only an associates degree find a job as a staff nurse in an ER? OR is that one of those positions that is impossible to get without a BSN? Further, what areas can you NOT work in with an ADN? Sorry to be a bother.

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  3. by   ginger58
    Sorry, but you're not a bother!! It depends on the hospital what the job posting requires. Different states I've worked in it doesn't matter--if you're qualified an ASN you can be hired as well as a BSN. I have been hired in ER,OR, NICU without a BSN.
    Places that may require a BSN would be management, I think Public Health, and most NP schools and grad schools, but that's changing also.
  4. by   edrnmike
    I am an ADN nurse in the ER and I am also a travel nurse, have been to at least 10 different facilities over the past 2 years and no one has ever asked if I had a BSN. It never comes up. I have been the charge nurse at several different locations. Unless you want to be administrator or CEO, at some hospitals you can do or be whatever you want. Some rural facilities you can be in management positions, if you are interested. good luck
  5. by   mrotten
    Great. These are encouraging posts. Thank you very much for your input

  6. by   traumaRUs
    I worked for 10 years in a level one trauma center as an ADN grad - loved the ER. Go for it!