Please help!

  1. I'm a new grad working night shift and can hardly stand it physically. I'm not sleeping and am having serious issues with this position, plus I'm getting sick all the time (not usual for me). I'm an older grad (>40) and am not adjusting to working nights! Unfortunately there are no other positions open on day shift on the floor I'm on and probably won't be for a very long time.

    There is a position in home health available that I can have if I want it (different organization). It is a salaried position, 5 days a week and some on-call (which I would be paid for). The pay is decent and I wouldn't have the issue of working with only 3-4 hours of sleep.

    What do you think? Especially seasoned nurses out there. I know I probably wouldn't be able to get a job in a hospital again if I leave at this point, but I really think I would enjoy home health.

    Thanks in advance for tips/advice!
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  3. by   Lacie
    From a 50yr old with 25 yrs background in ICU........go for it!!!!!! I'm in the same situation right now searching for a new position not only as I cant stand the nights due to sleep issues which come with the age but I cant do the physical work with the lifting etc either as through the years that has also taken it's toll on my body. I have had surgeries on my knees at this point and cant tolerate another. I quit my job and living on the bare minimum at this point as I just cant do it any longer. It's impossible for me to do the mandatory 12 hour shift which usually stretch out to 14 or the come in the extra hour early to ensure you have all the info on pts before report (of which they start before you clock in anyway lol).
  4. by   corvette1973
    Give them 2 weeks notice at your current job, & you will always be welcome back. I really loved home health when I did that. The on-call time won't be that bad. You can't continue to work on only 3-4 hours sleep. That is being impaired at your job, & your patients will suffer!
  5. by   Mudwoman
    Take the Home Health Job. Don't assume you can never go back to a hospital and don't assume you would ever want to. You may LOVE home health and want to retire there.
  6. by   gitterbug
    give your 2 week notice, take a week if possible to get some sleep and go forward with a smile on your face and a positive attitude.