Phlebotomy/EKG Technician or Pharmacy Technician

  1. I am looking into going back to school. I am very interested in the medical field. I would like to be able to work asap,so I am looking into taking a short course. I am interested in both of these certificate programs Phlebotomy/EKG Technician and Pharmacy Technician. I was wondering what all of you think would be the better choice. Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated. They are both three month courses. I would either go to STCC in Springfield Ma or Asnuntuck collage in Enfield Ct. Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   EricJRN
    In my area, pharmacy technician would probably pay a little better and you would learn about some meds, but you may get a little more direct patient care with the EKG/phlebotomy technician jobs. Just depends on what you're wanting out of the job.
  4. by   para
    Thanks Eric! You have giving me something to think about. I am not sure yet what I would prefer. I would enjoy working with people as well as helping them hands on, But I am also interested in working behind the counter and leaning more about meds.I might have to take both courses then decided. I am going to health career open house at a nearby collage Thurs, so maybe it will also help me decided.
  5. by   AnnieOaklyRN
    Hey there... you can do on the job training at some hospitals for those jobs... so look there first before you shell out lots of money for nothing.

  6. by   para
    Thanks Swtooth! I never even thought of doing that.
  7. by   blueyesue
    I know that at least one of my local hospitals will train you as a phlebotomist with no prior experience. Plus your foot is in the door for other positions. I am not sure about the EKG tech or pharmacy.
  8. by   para
    Thanks EJM! A friend of mine works as a nurses aid in a nursing home and she got on the job training. I was originally going to take a nurses aid class with the Red Cross, but after hearing more about the line of work I didn't think it was for me. Do you know how I find out if any of my local hospitals that offer on the job training for phlebotomist? When I look online at jobs in my area they say you must me certified and completion a approved phlebotomy training course.Do you know if I would be offered less money because I didn't go to school? Thanks again!
  9. by   blueyesue

    I believe the best way is to talk to someone from human resources in the hospital you are interested in working at. That is how I got my job as a dental assistant a few years back. I went in and asked if they were training. Also, if you know a nurse or another person who works in the hospital you can have them put a good word in for you. I am not sure if certification will get you extra money, but I could see how it could. Go with whatever interests you the most. Even if it takes longer to get there.
  10. by   para
    Thanks again EJM! That is defiantly good advice.