Parkland Residency starting Feb 2019

  1. Hey everyone, just wanted to start this thread for people who applied to Parkland Residencies! Just so we can ask each other questions and keep up to date on when interviews/job offers will be made!! Good luck everyone!!
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  3. by   law154
    Did I miss the postings for the winter 2019 residencies at Parkland? Lol.
  4. by   Heatherr008
    There is actually already a thread for Parkland! Here is the link! Parkland Dallas Residency Spring 2019
  5. by   Heatherr008
    So not everything has been posted yet! NICU, L&D, General surgery, and Burn ICU have all already closed. However I know that more ICU and ER spots should be opening soon!!
  6. by   law154
    When did those open? In the job postings I never see when they are actually for or I must be reading over it. My school had a virtual session with the recruiter and she told us the winter ones wouldn't be opening until September so now I'm confused! Lol

    Like for other hospitals it says Winter 2019 or October 2019 so I wasn't sure when Parkland's postings were for!
  7. by   Heatherr008
    That's what they told us too, but I happened to stumble upon it in August I emailed a recruiter to double check and they were for February start dates...i think they(NICU and L&D) posted august 20th and 22nd. They originally said they were closing september 20th and 22nd, but then a few days later it changed to september 2nd and 3rd. and general surgery posted a few days later and closed september 3rd i think...and burn ICU opened august 1st and then closed and then reopened at the end of august.
  8. by   law154
    Dang thank you for the heads up! I was out of the country for two weeks and thought I would be safe until September! Guess not! Lol. I will definitely set up the job alert now for it.
  9. by   Heatherr008
    Just a heads up UTSW, Baylor, Childrens, Cooks, and JPS applications are all open as well.
  10. by   law154
    Thanks! I applied to all of those except JPS!
  11. by   Mystique8
    I applied to the L&D one and I believe it was maybe a day prior to it being due and the very next morning It says I was not considered or rejected (cant remember exactly lol). So I assumed maybe it was for like a Fall start date. I wish their postings were more clear and they had a dedicated web page for their residency programs.

    In the mean time I've applied to Medical City Arlington.
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  12. by   perezcesilia2013
    Hey everyone! I cannot find where the postings for any residency programs available for 2019. Can someone send me link por favor!
  13. by   Heatherr008
    So they post in waves pretty much! like each department posts their jobs whenever they are ready. so the only ones i've seen that have been posted is NICU, L&D, Burn ICU, and Gen surg, but these are all also closed now.
  14. by   perezcesilia2013
    Gotha! Do you find these under the job search? I've tried searching with the terms "residency nurse" or "graduate nurse" but the website does not have anything that specifically says it's a residency program.