nursing vs. raising a family

  1. Some background info:
    I'm a 20 year old college student a year and a half away from my B.S. in psychology. However, I'm very science-oriented (started college as a bio major/pre-vet) and drawn to medical science so over the past year I've become very enamored with the idea of advanced practice nursing. Right now, the plan is to finish my B.S. in psych , then take my nursing prereqs at a technical or community college and hopefully get accepted to a direct entry FNP or CNM program. So all this puts me at around 25 years old when I am finished. I will also probably be getting married before I start my MSN program. So basically, when I am finally done school I will be DYING to have a baby, FINALLY!

    My question is this... how do you fit time to have children into your career? Is it possible to work part time as a new CNM/FNP, especially coming from a direct entry program? I definitely want to have lots of time with my children, while still maintaining a professional persona outside the home (and helping to pay of the $100k+ in undergrad and grad loans I will certainly have).
    I should probably say that I'm not too keen on having to wait until I'm 30 to start my true "career," (as opposed to working in a less-than-satisfying job) nor do I want to wait that long to start my family. I want it all and I want it now, basically!!

    Somebody, please tell me it can be done!!
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  3. by   ktliz
    After reading the post a few threads down about single moms, I'm afraid this post is not going to come across well. I don't want to sound... I don't know, spoiled? I know I'm extremely lucky to be able to choose my educational path- if I was a mom already (as I could well be) I know I wouldn't have the luxury of finishing the exact program I want in the exact time frame I want and choosing the exact job that I want. But, I'm trying to plan while I can.
  4. by   tinyscrafts
    I would think you could work pt as a CNM either at kaiser or at a homebirth/birth center practice but as you know midwifery is an any time of the day or night deal. I think you are lucky to be getting such an early start. I had my first baby at 27 and now am going back to school. You can do it. do school first. IMHO
  5. by   mommieto2kiddies
    i also say do school first,i have 2 kids a 3 year old and 4 year old my 4 year old is in school all day my 3 year old will be next year
    i want to start my prereqs next january but i also want to be home since i'm a stay at home mom (been 1 for 4 years)anyway i want to be there for my daughters first year of school like i am now for my son so i have to think about which is more meaningful stay home full time till my daughter finishes pre k more than likely i'll stay home and try to work my prereqs in there some where if at all maybe the januray after she starts school knock on wood that she starts off well and does good like her brother

    but if i put it off i won't start my prereqs till 2008 and i'll be 29 or 30 by than i'm 27 now

    my life plan was to get my career going and than have kids at 27 but we or more i decided i was ready at 22

    once i start i'll be going the ADN route and doing the 2 years of school

    anyway follow your plan and do schooling first is my vote
  6. by   Jolie
    I second the suggestion of finishing your schooling prior to starting a family. I have been a SAHM since my oldest was born, working only part-time when my hubby was home with my children. I can't begin to imagine working full-time or trying to complete school with infants and young children to care for. I would also recommend finding a way to finance school without racking up a huge amount of debt that would force you to work full-time when your children are very young.

    With all of that said, babies have a way of coming on their own time table.
  7. by   Medic2RN
    I enjoy your enthusiasm!
    It is possible to "do it all"; however, it always comes with a price.
    Work, marriage, kids and school will leave you no time at all for yourself. (Let alone a proper night of sleep!) I finished my nursing degree while working full time and had 2 children in the process. My first baby was born right before beginning 2 prereqs I had left and the last one was born before taking the NCLEX.
    I'd recommend finishing school now, while you can devote most of your attention to it. But, ultimately, that is your decision to make!
    Best of luck to you!
  8. by   traumaRUs
    It is possible to do it all - but yes indeed there are trade-offs. I went into nursing after I had my kids (I was working in another field) and continued to work full-time while in school, married and moved two more times during pre-reqs, had two sons and yes, I did it all.

    I probably didn't do it as well as I could have, but I sincerely did the best I could under some trying circumstances. Now...15 years later, I returned to school for my advanced practice degree. That might be another option - to do the RN now and then later go back.

    Good luck with whatever you choose and know that it will be right for you.
  9. by   luv4nursing
    Im a 26, and very maternal so I feel like my biological clock is begining to tick. Im an LPN and Im starting the LPN to RN bridge next monty which puts me at graduating with my RN December 07. I also "want it all". I live with my boyfriend and we want to get married probably within a year and Im not sure when kids will come into play. I really want to finish my BSN and get my MSN next,but I kind of think Id rather go ahead and get my RN, and after having a child and he or she is school age, going back to finish. I will probably be able to finish my BSN during the process but I know MSN is a lot of work. Its a hard decision to make I know! I take comfort in knowing that at least with my RN I have reached my main goal and when and if I get to get my MSN it would be a bonus. I would be perfectly happy working my career as an RN since many make as much as NP's (on the low end of salary) with a lot less responsibility.

    I almost made the mistake of getting pregnant during LPN school (I went thru a "I want a baby now" phase and my ex and I were going to get married and go for it lol) Im definitely glad that I rethought that! Especially since he is an ex now lol
  10. by   ktliz
    Thanks for the replies everyone!! It helps hearing different people's situations and how you all have handled nursing and a family.

    It definitely seems like the best plan to finish school first. So much depends on what schools are actually crazy enough to accept me. I'd rather go ahead and spend three years getting my masters & specialty out of the way, even if I just end up working as an RN as opposed to APN for a while when I'm through. But if I don't get into a direct-entry program (looking at Emory, ECU, VCU, Vanderbilt, Florida and Tennesse- if anyone has anything to say about these schools) then everything will be up in the air pretty much. I'm hoping I won't have to put anything on the back burner, be it kids or a career. Fingers crossed!