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It's to bad you feel this way I work in the E.R.and am constantly exposed to hiv, hepatitis,and a host of other diseases you can protect yourself. Why did you really go into nursing ws it for the... Read More

  1. by   nursedude

    I don't mean to "rain on your parade". In fact I wish you all the best in your career!

    All I am trying to do is share my point of view with others. I have had more than a career in nursing and based upon those other experiences my observation is that nurses are very underpaid/respected/valued. Apparently, I am NOT the only one who feels this way(thank God).

    Also, It is my belief that the majority of nurses feel quite the opposite of the way that I do(they think pay is adequate, feel respected/valued etc.) because they are used to this current status. Just because things have always been a certain way does not mean that they are "okay". I think that the majority of these nurses have become complacent to some degree; That is, things are "good enough" so that means things are great....

    Just my opinion....
  2. by   km rn
    I would not recommend nursing as a career/profession.

    Nursing is unfortunately a job that pays enough to make minimum wage jobs unattractive, yet does not pay enough to keep up with other degreed professional positions.

    I graduated in 1984 - the most positive thing I can say about nursing is that it offers a diverse arena for work. However, most arenas outside the acute care setting mean taking significant pay/benefit cuts.

    I agree with an earlier respondant - nursing wages are fine as a secondary income, however, it is hard to support a family on the wages provided.

    I have worked in a state that had a nursing union - this union had little impact on the myriad of workplace issues - staffing, etc. that have been mentioned.

    As far as nursing organizations, etc. being used to help improve our working conditions - alas, I have found that most of these organizations are very "ivory tower".
  3. by   nbicurn
    Would I recommend nursing? Not on you life. But, if someone CHOOSES it I will support them. It's hard work. We are underpaid compared to plumbers and electricians - but I make more per hour than my husband who works for a major airline as a DC-10 mechanic. There are ways to make more money in nursing that have been mentioned in this discusssion. 1) move somewhere where they pay more. 2) work for an agency (some people I know make 50 -60 grand a year full time in agency nursing). 3) go back to school and become a CRNA or other advanced practice nurse. I don't know how to be anything but a nurse (I started nursing school at 18 and am 40 now) but some days I daydream of doing ANYTHING else but this. But, when I go to work and hold those teeny-tiny babies - well, I know I won't be giving it up.
  4. by   Miss Saigon
    Reading all of this, makes me sick. How can all of you selfish, money hungry people even use the term nurse and not feel guilty. I work in NY on a med/resp floor, making $14.50 an hour. You are all missing the self fufilling prophecy, that comes from nursing. Can you sleep at night when a ill elderly person has to go to the bathroom and you get frustrated with them, or think I don't get paid enough for this. I am appauled that as and RN I have others in my profession that are so unprofessional. Put it in perspective, if you were the pt. would you want a nurse with that type of attitude I think not. Patients are trustung us with their lives. Tell me how much is a life worth. Maybe you should find another profession!!!
  5. by   nursedude
    Well E-X-C-U-S-E M-E.....

    What century are you in Miss Saigon? Slavery was abolished years ago!

    I don't think the issue here is about: what kind of attitude does the nurse have that takes care of me, rather it should be "what kind of professional has my life in their hands that only makes $14.00/hour!!?" If the RN taking care of me has to work two jobs to pay the bills, how much sleep did they get last night? How will that affect the care the patient recieves????

    Miss Saigon, I think it is YOUR attitude that is "sick" (as you put it). You ought to quit being a martyr and get paid what you are worth.

    I agree, you cannot put a price on someone's life; however, you CAN put a price on a job/profession/career. Nurses are professionals who deserve every last cent that they earn because they do take care of people's lives.

    For Crying out loud!!! Bus drivers and mailmen make more money!

    Miss Saigon, I suggest that YOU leave the profession and become a candy striper or volunteer- If you were the nurse taking care of me and I knew you only made $14.00/hr I would question what kind of professional you were! Or you could say: Would I trust my life to someone who makes less money an hour than my plumber does?
  6. by   askater
    Miss Saigon--

    My main concern is staffing. Not at my current position, but at my last job. To have the nurse available to get the patient to the bathroom. We didn't have enough staff help.

    Not what I'm going to do...with my check. And whether I'll have enough money to pay bills.

    I have found nursing a very unselfish profession. My main thought is my patient. There's many days I have no break. (potty or food) And not one day do I complain. I'm one of the most pleasant nurse you'll meet.

    I'm very satisfied with my pay. And even if I was paid less...I'd still be a nurse. But I would pay extra money to get my parent/family good care.

    The area I'm from...we're paid very well. But in other areas pay is a lot less. I wish all nurses could survive. But how would we would my family survive. There's a BIG gratification in nursing...alone without money. But the only way to survive this day and age is with money. To call someone SELFISH for wanting to make it day by day is harsh.

    In the hospital my main thought is the patient. Care to become healthy, survive...But when I come home my main thought is my family. To give them care and to survive.

    Have a nice day
  7. by   apuc101391
    No. I wouldn't recommend nursing as a career. Don't take this wrong out there. what we do is great and wonderful. frankly, it is one of the most cut throat places to be. I am not a cut throat person and will not get to the top by stepping on others, but so many times i have came across those nurses who do. i have been RN for 10 years now. I think that in order to be a nurse, you must be a really mature person. Can anybody out there give me some advice on how to deal with backstabbers in the workplace?
  8. by   apuc101391
    No. I wouldn't recommend nursing as a career. Don't take this wrong out there. what we do is great and wonderful. frankly, it is one of the most cut throat places to be. I am not a cut throat person and will not get to the top by stepping on others, but so many times i have came across those nurses who do. i have been RN for 10 years now. I think that in order to be a nurse, you must be a really mature person. Can anybody out there give me some advice on how to deal with backstabbers in the workplace?
  9. by   sc
    NurseDude, I agree with most of you thoughts. I have been a nurse for 5 years, Med-Surg, StepDown, Onc, Tele, Home Health, Peds, and also in a prision. I was just offered a postion in the ER. I started out at 18$/hr and am now at 21$/hr. I don't think I would recomend nursing as a caree to someone for the money, nor the prestige of the tital. It bad hours and hard work and no respect and of course the shortage. But, there are many other avenues to take in this field. As I said I was going to the ER thinking it would be different and just yeasterday I was also offered a UR position----no w/e no holidays and dayshift. I took the job and turned the ER down. I am still looking for my nitch. I don't know when I will find it but I will because there are so many places to look in nursing. I don't think I can recomend floor nursing at this time, but I believe NURSES are ANGELES sent from ABOVE. Most of them any way......

  10. by   drjtk76
    Yes I would! Despite all the reasons everyone has given to the contrary, because I truly believe nursing is a vocation. Yes it feels good to be paid and to be recognized but there is something quite extraordinary about it. It's a spiritual thing. I have received much heartache in this field but I have also experienced great joy in service. To my student colleagues and wannabees, I say "go get em baby!" It's a great profession because of you all.
  11. by   megNurse
    as a brand new nurse i agree with the last post. No i haven't experienced alot of the problems with nursing that many of you have pointed out and i think as a new nurse that my pay is reasonable ( I make 19.50 /hr fresh out of school) but we all need to remember why we went into nursing in the first place. If any of you went into this profession for the money, your problems are your own fault, you should have known what you were getting into. If you went into nursing to help people i hope that is what you are doing. I know nursedude has said that we as a profession should demand more, and i agree with that. We do deserve more $$ and respect. I don't know if we will ever get it but look where we have come from in the time of Florence Nightengale.
  12. by   MAPalumbo
    Hey nurse dude,
    why didn't you become a plumber ?
    instead of complaining get out and do something to change your situation. i have been an RN for 20yrs, it's not about the money maybee that's your problem. i currently make $26./hr + shift diff etc. and am looking forward to a raise. i am also looking forward to going into a crna program. get out of pt care ! increase your education and climb the ladder you have to make the effort to change.
  13. by   jaded
    Hey Nursedude- You'll be happy to know that I agree with you 100%. Nursing has pretty much ruined my life. The first couple of years out of nursing school I still had the bright idea that I was going to save the world. Yeh right! I got slapped in the face with reality. I am an ER nurse which means I spend most of my days taking care of welfare system abusers, drug seekers, drunks and dirty snot nosed kids who don't have a chance in hell because their parents don't have the sense that God gave them. On top of all this these menaces to society treat me like I'm there to be their personal servant. Sound harsh? Well it's reality. I'd give anything to go back to the naive days of thinking that I could save people from this cruel world. I have no sympathy for these people that don't help themselves. Then you add to that the already discussed topics of getting paid squat to be a verbal(and sometimes physical) punching bag for ungrateful patients, administration and other disgruntled staff, the daily exposure to deadly diseases and the crappy hours. I don't even make enough money to pay back all of the student loans that I racked up to be a nurse. Probably the reason you ruffled so many feathers with your letters is because the majority of nurses who sit at home and access nursing web sites are the ones who are still in fantasy land and enjoy being taken advantage of. Like you said, it's a female thing to think it's a normal part of life to get walked on. I just happened to stumble on to this as I was using the web to search for ways to put my medical knowledge to work without being in the patient care rat race. I know all of this sounds harsh but I'm fed up. We are all being taken advantage of and disrespected whether you martyrs want to admit it or not.