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It's to bad you feel this way I work in the E.R.and am constantly exposed to hiv, hepatitis,and a host of other diseases you can protect yourself. Why did you really go into nursing ws it for the... Read More

  1. by   ohioln
    Yes, I would recommend nursing to anyone who is interested. I've really enjoyed and been fulfilled by helping others. I have worked in hospitals, long term care facilities, hourly visits, and home care. Right now I'm working mostly in home care and occasionally work at a long term care facilities or a facility for people with special needs.
    I have been an RN for 21 years. I got my AD in nursing first to get my RN. Then went back to school while working most of the time, to get my BSN. I love this work, and if I couldn't continue in it, I'd be heartbroken. There's just something about making a difference in someone's life, that communication, something I can't put into words that is just something to me.
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  2. by   KittyCat
    I have been thinking about nursing as a career and this forum has really opened my eyes... thank you.

    I have a BSB/Mgt and I was working on a MBA. I have to say that jobs are slim in the Detroit area, where I'm from in business because it seems that they are graduating so many people in business. Before I earned my business degree I worked at various jobs over the last 10 years that all had their problems. So I'm aware that there is no perfect job. I thought that by getting a business degree that would open so many more doors... well folks I'm here to say it hasn't.

    I am now moving to central Illinois for my husband to take a great job there and I'm at a loss of what to do with myself. My husband is a biosystems engineer and is fortunate enough to have skills in high demand. I would like this too for myself. The community I'm going to be in has about 100,000 people and when we went to find a house I looked at the want ads and there were two pages of nursing jobs. The last page of the jobs advertised was for unskilled labors to work in the factory. So I have always loved working with people, I was told at my last job I was too "friendly," which this wasn't a compliment. There is a private school where I'm going that I could pursue my BSN. I was going to call there to tomorrow to check out requirements, if any classes I have had will transfer and scholarships. As you can imagine, I'm in debt up to my behind from the first degree.

    Anyway my story got long, but the short of it is... I hope the people who got into nursing because they loved people and love to help people regroup and stay with it... and my words of wit is it's not a picnic in business either, so if you loved nursing remember why you loved it and don't forget to heal yourself and find renewal sometimes.
  3. by   nurseJLoo
    As a LPN i say skip LPN and go straight for RN, as an LPN you get treated even worse you do all the same things a RN does (with a few exceptions) but you dont get paid for it
  4. by   nursedude

    Kind of like being a baseball player without a glove, or maybe a fisherman without a rod and reel, or how about the Lone Ranger without his Hi Ho Silver, or Bat-Man without Robin or a carpenter without wood or a fast car without steering, maybe a bird without wings...?

    So, no vaccine, the "mystery flu" in China and Canada, people hacking on you left and right... Geeze, sounds like a great place for a career...?
  5. by   ShandyLynnRN
    People have their callings in life. Most of those who entered the nursing field have done so because they want to make a difference and help others. I for one did not enter the nursing field because I loved to do paperwork or be looked down upon by others. I take that all in stride because I love my job and what I do.

    If everyone felt as you did, NurseDude, then there would be NOONE to care for the ill.

    What would you do if everyone thought like that and you or your family member became seriously ill or injured?

    There are risks in the medical/nursing field... but I am willing to take those risks to be the person that I am supposed to be.

    Nursing isn't all bad. In fact, for me atleast, most of it is great. I don't think there is a job out there that doesn't have it's downsides. I take pride in knowing that I am doing a job that most people couldn't do. I take pride in knowing that I am contributing to my society. I take pride in knowing that I am helping others. I take pride that I am a nurse, and a dam* good one if I do say so myself
  6. by   nursedude

    Thanks for your reply and for your commitment to the ill.

    Unfortunately, I don't see eye to eye w/you when it comes to taking risks... To put it bluntly I don't believe in playing Russian Roulette with the well being of my wife and kids or with myself - I mean, when I give a soapsuds enema or draw labs or start an IV I wear gloves...

    What I am saying is that as we speak I believe the world has crossed the line... That line was crossed sometime after 9/11 - Shortly thereafter, the Anthrax scares... The small suburban ER where I worked was NOT prepared at all and at best they have only one or 2 Biohazard suits today, some duct tape and some plastic... That's enough protection for one Dr and one nurse - for the entire hospital...That's like having 2 pairs of gloves.

    But why would you believe me? After all: "What would you do if everyone thought like that and you or your family member became seriously ill or injured?"

    Maybe you'll believe news agencies from around the world?

    So good luck with your risk-taking ShandyLynnRN and don't forget to wear those gloves!!! (and masks and gowns and face shields/eye protection, and that waterproof gown, and get that hepatitis titer and your ppd checked and soon maybe the smallpox vaccine...?)
  7. by   mark_LD_RN
    nursedude.. what are you still doing being a nurse? don't you have something better you can do with yourself? if nursing is so bad get out and do your patiens a favor!
  8. by   RNonsense
    I can't believe I actually muddled my way thru this very old thread (who WERE some of those people?!)

    Doesn't every career/job have aspects that just SUCK sometimes?
    I used to work at Canadian Tire as a teenager...SUCKED
    I worked as an Aide while going to nursing school...SUCKED
    My brother and my uncle are stock brokers...SUCKS
    My good friend is a divorce lawyer...again SUCKS
    My other friend is a stay-at-home-mom..she says it SUCKS
    I know a few RT's...they say it SUCKS
    Neurosurgeon...wishes he was a gardener...says it SUCKS
    Hubbys best friend is in med school...Big Time SUCK
    Hubby is a communications officer for a city police department...
    Sister in law is a grade two teacher...
    Other sister in law is a budding actress...

    Shall I go on? Point is every career choice has it's downfalls. Every career choice has it's rewards. Nursing is not of it are less than ideal, yes. I cannot imagine doing anything else...

    It's not for everybody. If it's for you...won't be able to imagine doing anything else either.

    Although you may fantasize about it now and then...
  9. by   NancyRN
    What a prime example this is of nurses not supporting each other!

    The nurses who hate it are complaining about the extreme conditions for relatively low pay. This is causing nurses to leave bedside nursing in droves. What other profession, suck tho it may, has such dire needs? What might the reason be?

    All of us will need a nurse at some point. Those of us who are still doing it are trying to implement changes that would bring nurses back to the bedside.

    It's great if you love your job. I like being a nurse, but I love my health, and I've seen it suffer from the stress, long hours, no breaks, and backbreaking physical exertion.

    This attitude of: "I love nursing, therefore there must be something wrong with YOU," doesn't accomplish anything. The facts speak for themselves.
  10. by   ShandyLynnRN
    I don't think anyone said that if you don't love nursing then there must be something wrong with you.

    But why waste your time in a career that your heart isn't in? The only nurses that I think something is wrong with, are those who just got into nursing for the money, as minimal as it is at times compared to what we are responsible for, or for what they thought the title would do for them, or whatever. Those nurses, yes, I think have chosen their profession for all the wrong reasons.

    And as far as an example of poor support of each other. Why would I want to support someone, who may or may not be working right beside me, who isn't in nursing for the right reasons?

    People can vent about the pay, and the conditions, yet still love being a nurse.

    And like I said before, if I wasn't willing to take the risks that come with my job, I wouldn't be doing it.

    If you don't want to be a nurse, if you think nursing is pathetic, if you think that it is too high of a risk for your family, then for pete's sake quit!

    I guess you could say the same thing to the military parents out there too. They put their lives on the line every day, they might orphan their children... is it ok for them to do that though, since they are defending our country, yet not ok for me to possibly be at risk because I am trying to provide healthcare to my neighbors?

    What about the missionaries that not only give in every aspect of their lives to try to spread the gospel and not only that, but provide education, nutrition and healthcare to those less fortunate? Should they stop doing that because they might endanger their lives?

    Who's life is more important than anyone elses? WHO exactly should be in nursing, that it wouldn't matter if they got ill because of SARS or TB or AIDS or Hepatitis? Is your life more important than mine? I think not.

    Those that are in healthcare because they have compassion for their fellow mankind, and want to help them get well, or teach them preventive care, or whatever, do that because they CARE.

    Do I care more for my patients than I do for myself or my child. HECK NO! That is why there are precautions in place. I'm not saying that the precautions always work, but it is a risk I'm willing to take because this is the calling for ME.

    If it isn't the calling for YOU, then by all means stop doing the utter disservice to your patients and fellow coworkers that DO care, and get OUT of nursing. This profession,even in the shortage of nurses we have, doesn't need more nurses to not only NOT care for patients well being, but also could possible bring down the morale of fellow coworkers. I, for one, would rather you NOT be my nurse, if I were ever ill.

    Nursing requires a lot. Patience, continuous re-education, compassion, stamina, love, trust of your fellow coworkers, faith in the doctors you work with, and a special place in your heart for your profession in general. Either you have these things, or you don't.
  11. by   nursedude

    I appreciate your reply but again I disagree.

    Unfortunately, I am not a missionary and I have too many other responsibilities that prevent me from giving every aspect of my life to nursing as appararently you do. (By the way do you get paid for practicing nursing?)

    But maybe you are right though and maybe I should quit nursing (again) just like the other nurses that Nancy points out are leaving nursing in droves...They must not be able to give every ounce of their lives either - How uterly inconsiderate!

    Maybe someday you may change your mind.

    No, not about my point of view but about me being your nurse - after all, since I am not called as you must be to the divinity of nursing then I must not be worthy enough to be your nurse either. And that's fine with me...

    I have 13 years worth of nursing experience in ER/Trauma and ICU. I'm BLS, ACLS, PALS, ATLS and CEN certified. I have worked hundreds of codes, saved quite a few lives, applied thousands of bandaids, given thousands of injections, started countless IV's, held the hands of and prayed with many dying patients, told their families that a loved one had passed away, disagreed with physicians directly and as a result prevented fatal mistakes, etc. etc. etc...But hey, me and the rest of the drove will get out of your way since we aren't called like you and aren't as caring as you.

    (Even with all my experience and certifications, when I get to the end of the checkout line they all laugh when I try to pay with the "I CARE" card.)

    As a result of your last post, I can only assume that when it comes to bringing down morale that you are "Head" nurse in that field as well.

    In conclusion I think you have said it best yourself with the ironic quote at the end of all your posts: "IF EVERYONE AGREED WITH ME..."

    How appropo for you.
  12. by   LasVegasRN
    When will you be EX-nursedude?
  13. by   Buddha
    I put Nursedude on ignore!!
    I think he is entitled to his opinion, but I thinks he speaks just to hear his gums a' flappeth.
    I consider his opinion a dead horse he can ride to his new career.
    Just a thought I frequent a few chat rooms. On everyone we get some idiot ranting off just to get the natives restless. They love the attention they get by arguing with everyone. I don't work psych, but sonds like a good dx to me that somedudes here have dilliusions of grandure.

    Sorry for the spelling errors here. I got a H/A just reading some thoughts expressed here.
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