Need to hear from happy RNs

  1. After 10 years of dreaming of going back to nursing school, I was just about ready to take the plunge. That is until I came to this board. I have read so many comments from RNs who are very dissatisfied with their chosen profession. Now, I'm not so sure.

    I find my current career, marketing, very unfulfilling. I don't think what I'm doing really makes a hill of beans in this world. I like the fact that nursing makes a difference. I also love the flexibility that comes with nursing. If I don't like what I'm doing, I can switch to a different specialty. In marketing I can't do that (there aren't a whole lot of jobs out there).

    Please, RNs who love what you're doing... Please reassure me that you do exist!

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  3. by   RMears1961
    Yes, I love being an RN. I work on a Cardiac-Med unit. I love my patients, the people I work with and the daily challenges. I hate the nursing shortage. It is not always the number of patients but the acuity of the patients!!!! Our hospital, unfortunatly doesn't look at acuity. Yes, I agree that my patients sometimes suffer because we are "on our numbers." There is no quick fix. I do the very best I can and remember that I am the only advocate my patients have. Nursing can be a very rewarding profession. It is also very easy to get burned out.
  4. by   Mijourney
    Hi Winnie,
    I'm not sure if happy is the term that I would use to define how someone feels about their career choice, because happiness is not a constant in my opinion. I am satisfied about my career choice. I have gladness in my heart about why I went into nursing. I am happy about the fact that my patients and co workers have expressed appreciation of my services from time to time. I am glad that I am in a position to offer advice on issues such as choosing nursing as a career. I am not satisfied about the conditions under which bedside nurses have to work including inadequate pay and lack of overall respect from those who exploit the profession. Winnie, I think that you need to assess why you are unhappy in your current job or line of work before you pursue something else that could make you equally as or more unhappy. You want to avoid repeating a bad career marriage if that is what you are in now. Consider becoming a nursing assistant and working in that role for a while if you are insistent about nursing. Best wishes.
  5. by   hollykate
    Hi Winnie,
    Its hard to add anything after Mijourney's post. But, yes, I do like my job. There are moments when I have really really not liked my job. Things are not totally rosy. Patient's are often rude and nasty (they will not, fall all over you to thank you.) you may know you are making a difference, but patients may not know this. Many will treat you as a servant. I think Mijourney's advice is solid. I did a HUGE career switch to go into nursing. But before I did that, I made a few lists about what I didn't like about my job, and what I thought nursing would be. I also worked as a tech (aide) for a while before even enrolling in school. For me, it has been great, but it sure isn't for everyone!
  6. by   jangeloff

    I have a BS in business, and an associates degree in nursing. I have been an RN for 4 years, but have only practiced the past year. I have never been happier. I was in medical sales for the better part of 10 years, but I never really liked it. I now look forward to going to work. I love the flexiblity I have. I am committed to 2 weekend shifts per week, but I often pick up extra hours for the money. I am able to travel, spend lots of time with my son, and do whatever I want during the week.

    I work in a Children's Hospital. I love working with the kids and the other staff. It really got lonely out there on the road all the time. Nurses are often not treated with a lot of respect; although they do most of the work when it comes to patient care in the hospital. A lot of the hospitals in my area are understaffed, which can make working hectic sometimes.

    Nursing is not for everyone, but it's been great for me!
  7. by   JaxsterRNBSN
    I am happy with my decision to go into nursing. I have been a nurse for over 12 years, most of which was working acute care. I did get very burnt out in the hospital and am MUCH happier working in the outpatient setting. I, personally, feel more respected in the outpatient setting and enjoy the collaboration I have experienced in that setting. The beauty of nursing is in its diversity: One can choose from a variety of specialties and settings as well as shifts. Good luck to you whatever you decide!!!
  8. by   LaurieCRNP2002
    Yes, I do truly enjoy being a nurse---so much so that I am pursuing an advanced degree, so that I can become a nurse practitioner! I agree with the others about disliking certain aspects of the job---working short, having heavy patient loads, etc. Yes, some patients can be rude and treat you like servants, but we have a bulletin board filled with thank you letters from patients and their families. In fact, one patient wrote a letter to one of the VP's and he sent copies to all the nurses mentioned (which I was one of) and to our managers. I also recently did a "case study" presentation to an undergrad pathophys class and they really seemed to get a lot out of it. These two occurrences have reminded me why I am still doing this, amidst all the turmoil that is going on in healthcare these days. Best of luck to you! :-)

  9. by   tlcalways
    I have been in nursing for 10 yrs with last 2 yrs as Family Nurse Practitioner. I can tell you that would not switch to any other job. Nursing is the best decision I have made for me and my family. It is the most rewarding job I ever have. I hope you will feel about it like I do. As you can see, my user name speak for me. TLC Always
  10. by   Gayle Peds RN
    I love nursing. I have been a peds nurse at a major children's hospital for 11 years, then in a clinic peds setting for another year. It has given me flexibility, satisfaction in a job well done, the kids themselves, and excellent clinical skills that I am proud of. It is a second career for me , and what I was born to do. There are problems with any career you can name. But the pluses outweigh the minuses for me.
    I would recommend it to anyone who feels they are pulled to it, as one is when one has a calling.
  11. by   Marlene50
    This September marked my 30th year in nursing, gosh, I don't feel that old...but I would do it again. I started out as a nurse aide, then was a LPN and at age 45 I became a Registered Nurse and I DO NOT regret it one bit. Yes, there are days that I tell people in my next life I want to come back as a frito lay truck driver, but then I think back on my day and I remember a patients reaching their hand out to me,and
    as I take their hand and they say "God Bless you" it erases the awful feeling I have from the previous contact with one less grateful.
    I know I make a difference every day, I wish
    I could do more!Nursing isn't all roses and will miss holidays with your families, but you will find that the next day you survived and so did they. Right now
    every health care organization is crying for help...shame on those that have to relay such negative feelings...who is going to take care of these people, who is going to take care of you if you or your family becomes ill...nurses are boy is there job security in that profession. Go for it, you will never regret it!
  12. by   soundsLikesirens
    I am an RN and just saying that makes me estatic. I am happier than I ever thought possible. I was only active about a year before I took a 7-year break to have children. I thought my career was impossible to revive ~ then suddenly, miraculously, a job was just dropped in my lap and now I am once again employed and loving it. Being with the patients is great, even the doctors...I love being a nurse ~ I know how important it is and how meaningful and I could never make as much $ anywhere else...the reason you're seeing so many negative things is that most nurses come here to vent. If it was that bad, they wouldn't be here ~ they'd just get out and do something else. I was.......BORN TO BE A NURSE
  13. by   Nancy1
    I am very happy to read positive postings. I think that nurses need to value themselves.
    I have read a lot about money. I have to ask the question, How many of us went into nursing for the money? If you did, I guess you made the wrong choice.
    I hear complaints about mandatory overtime. Next time you interview for a position find out what the Internal Policy on Mandatory Overtime is. As I understand it, if there is a policy stating the facility can mandate overtime, and you accept the position, you have to work the mandatory overtime. I feel that we need to educate ourselves and our peers.
    I am currently an ADON in LTC. I have a stable staff and no mandatory overtime in my facility. I have a team that works well together. My wish for all of you is that you find a place as nice as mine. NA
  14. by   rosemarie
    Hi winnie,

    I love being a nurse. Do I find it frustrating and sometimes unrewarding, yes. But when you can help a patient or family member, it's all worthwhile, just to get a thank you, you made a difference. Nursing is the type of profession you either love or hate. There is no middle ground. I work in a hospital and it can get quite harrowing at times, that I go home thinking, there's got to be a better way. But then I think, there really isn't anything I would rather do!!!