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  1. I accepted a position on a telemetry unit in December that would be the equivilant of Assist. Manager. I work strictly 3-11. In the mean time, I have been assigned to a couple committees and have done some great networking. (One of my committees is one started by the VP of the hospital.) I think that I could really take my career far in this institution and I am very proud of the facility where I work. Here is my "problem." I have two small children, 6 and 4. I have choosen to work 3-11 while my kids are home because my dh works 5a-2p and there is always someone home with them. However, my dd is in first grade and my ds is in pre-school. I don't see my daughter, except the three nights a week I am off during the school year and don't anticipate that to change next year unless something happens that I can get on days....Tonight I had an EP doctor offer me a job, once again. Every time he sees me he asks if I am ready to leave the hospital and come work for him. He has offered to pay for my Masters Degree if I agreed to stay with him for a certain amount of time. (I have mentioned in the past I was interested in going back to school.) Tonight, he said "name your salary." Then walked over and wrote a figure on a sheet of paper that is about $5500 more than I currantly make,even with overtime. I think he is a really nice guy, but do believe he would be difficult to work with on a day to day basis. I also think that I have a really good chance of moving up the ladder in this position, but that is not guaranteed, lol. So what would you do? (I should point out that I don't work weekends or holidays in this position and also the hospital does have tuition reimbursement as well.)
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  3. by   Town & Country
    It's nice to be wanted!!!


  4. by   KatieBell
    If you thin the Doc will be difficult to work you think you'd enjoy staying with that position? 5,500 is not so so much more. considering you are moving up a career ladder and seem to enjoy doing the work you do.

    but yes, It's nice to be wanted!!!!!
  5. by   Havin' A Party!
    How 'bout slipping that little piece of paper back to him, after crossing off the existing figure, and adding one that takes you to $10K above your current (with OT, of course)?

    I'm presuming you're OK with the practice's hours, bennies, location, principles, rep, staff, parking, etc.
  6. by   NurseRatchett
    This is a late response, but
    I thought my opinion mighthelp.
    I have two small children as well, and I have tried 3-11 and cannot do it. Kudos to you and your dh for being able to do this.
    As for the job offer, why not see what his day to day operations are like?
    I would tour his office on my off day to see what he's like on his own, what the other staff are like and if his offer is suited to your needs. If it's all that he says it is, I'd get his offer in writing and take it.
    Good luck to you and keep us posted. Sounds interesting!