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  1. Hi Group,

    I just wanted to introduce myself. My name here is Kontradiction, and I am looking into LVN Schooling here in California. As I am in retail management already, (Nursing is my hopeful Career Change) I was curious, if any one here would be kind enough to answer a question of mine.

    About how many days a week is LVN School, and about how many hours a day?

    Sorry if this question has been already asked, I am new here and couldn't find the Thread.

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  3. by   ann945n
    my school was 2 8 hour days of lecture followed by saturday and sunday at clinicals for 8 hours, and expect aroune 4-8 hours of studying a day
  4. by   kontradiction
    great, thanks, i'm just trying to sort things thru so that i can plan on working parttime (hopefully) while going to school.
  5. by   ann945n
    Ive known people who work part time but I honestly dont know how they did it. If you plan on working while in school be prepared for a heavy work load and manage your time well. I dont have kids or work while in school and still have little free time
  6. by   kontradiction
    okay, thanks for the advice. i don't have kids yet, so hopefully working parttime will be okay. if not, my boyfriend and i will work things out i'm sure.

    thanks again!!
  7. by   kontradiction
    hey, i have just one more question; i checked your profile and it said that you're an rn student. were you discussing what it's like to go to school for rn training vs. the lvn/lpn training? or is it still about the same hours (two full lecture days/2 clinicals days?)

    just curious....

    (sorry if i've offended).

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  8. by   EricJRN

    I moved your thread to the Nursing Career Advice Forum. Hopefully you'll get more good responses. Good luck to you.
  9. by   kontradiction
    thanks, i didn't realise that there was a spot for that! :wink2:
  10. by   kontradiction
    hey everyone, i just wanted to say thanks for the info, and also thanks to those of you that messaged me privately, you've been a big help.
  11. by   ann945n
    Hey there, sorry i didnt get back sooner. I was in LPN school then i transfered to a RN program. My RN program has no set schedule, its all over the place. I would check into whatever school you are applying to to see what their hours are like and when clinicals are. Usually you do clinicals about 3 weeks into the quater for 6 weeks, then the last week is finals. At least from what ive heard from other people. my RN program is kind of like mon tue wed possible lecture and lab for 3 hours each usually to lectures and a lab so 9 hours total with thur fri at clinicals for 8 hours each. But also you have to go to the hospital wed night to research your pt for the next day and then also studying time. Hope that gives you a better idea but it could be completly different at your school
  12. by   meme_911
    hay kontradiction am sorry i dont have the unser to your qusetion because am from another contury faaaaaaar fraaaaaar away (medl east) but i just wanted to say welcom..
  13. by   luv4nursing
    My LPN program was Monday Thru Friday 8-3 for school and clinicals were 6-2:30 or something like that. I worked part time 20-30 hrs a week (no kids). Its amazing what u can do when/if u have to! I also graduated top of my class so it proves it can be done if u set ur mind to it. Its all about time management and prioritizing!

    Im starting the RN bridge program in January....I went to orientation today and my head is spinning! Im not sure how Im gonna juggle it all this time around...Im currently working in peds home health. I plan to work full time the first semester and cut down to about 30 hrs second semester (summer session)...then the last part I will be windling down to 1-2 shifts a week bc when we do practicum we have to follow a nurse on their schedule for 7 weeks and we wont know what their schedule is going to be since it changes week by week. So that kinda scratched out arranging school around work...gotta arrange work around school then! At least the classroom portion is online in this program!

    Good luck to u!
  14. by   kontradiction
    i'm assuming that i won't be able to work much so i'm going to try to save up as much as i can now while i get on the waiting lists. thanks so much for your insights, i really appreciate it!