Katrina evacuee RN needs to start over

  1. Hey everyone,

    I've posted here before and have gotten such positive feedback, and now I need some more help! I graduated nursing school last December (wow, has it been that long!?!) and was working at a New Orleans hospital when Katrina hit. I lost everything except the scrubs on my back, and have now relocated. Shortly after leaving New Orleans, I found out I was pregnant. When it rains, it storms!!! So, I was unemployed, homeless, and pregant. Luckily, my hospital got its act together and was I was able to collect some severance pay to keep myself and husband on our feet. Well, we found a place to live, and we will be moving soon, and so far my pregnancy is going well. Once we are in our new house (within a month) I really need to get a job to save up some money for after the baby is born. I have about 6 months experience working nights on an oncology/med surg floor, and also some priceless experience as a nurse working for 5 days during and after the storm in a hospital without basic medical supplies and equipment. The problem is that although I have taken time off to mentally recover from what went on, I really am not ready to go back to "floor nursing" especially while I am pregnant. Further more, I don't want to work until I'm 9 months pregant and am so fat i can't walk (i'm about 13 weeks) So, is it unrealistic to find a temporary nursing job that is easy on a pregnant nurse??? I dont' mind working full time, I just want to work for about 5 months or so and then be home with my first baby. I was thinking doctor's offices might be the way to go, or maybe dialysis, but I have no experience with either! If anyone has any ideas or suggestions, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks so much!
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    Just a follow-up:
    Dr.'s office and diaylsis job options were just off the top of my head....I'd be open to anything at this point! (I loved my psych clinicals in school, and in the future I would like to get involved with informatics) I guess I just need to go to the local hospital and see what's out there. Still, any advice/suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks again
  4. by   rgrgray
    what about per diem work. it is like being on call or when someone wants to take vacation and then you cover there shift. Im not sure where you are at but i am in the houston area and kelsey seybold clinic is always looking for per diem nurses... best of luck to you.
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    Sorry to hear about that. Hopefully you find a job soon and good luck!
  6. by   GingerSue
    is there Red Cross nursing in your area - maybe taking blood?
    any insurance companies - conduct health assessments?
    weight loss counselling centres?
    alcohol and drug rehabilitation centres?
    home care coordinator?

    hope you find something that you like
  7. by   CHATSDALE
    what area are you relocating to ? try nursing homes as a adon or you could work weekend coverage at a nursing home...their is usually no work involved in this...you are just a warm body with a license..there are many options open to you...good luck with baby and with job hunt
  8. by   gauge14iv
    No work involved? Just a warm body???

    What nursing homes have you worked in??? LOL!!!!!!!!

    In my experience they are always short of CNA's and there are always patients to be turned, dressed, lifted, pushed, and ambulated!