Jobs you can get with a BSN but no RN license

  1. Hi there. I graduated in 2006 and failed the NCLEX 4 times. I have a BSN but obviously since I have not passed my Nclex I do not have my license. I was curious to know what jobs in the healthcare profession are out there that I can get with my BSN not including cna.
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  3. by   caliotter3
    You might be able to get a job that requires a four year degree but does not specifiy an area of concentration. But as for the nursing content, of no use without an RN or LPN license.
  4. by   elkpark
    Are you eligible, in your state, to sit the NCLEX-PN, and get an LPN license? That would be something that would get you into the workforce. Otherwise, not much in healthcare although, obviously, you're qualified for any kind of job that requires a BA/BS degree but doesn't care much what it's in.
  5. by   Silverdragon102
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  6. by   dishes
    Quote from caliotter3
    You might be able to get a job that requires a four year degree but does not specifiy an area of concentration. But as for the nursing content, of no use without an RN or LPN license.
    I agree with caliotter try looking for a job as a sales rep for a drug or medical supply company. You can also try looking for a job as a research assistant.

    What kind of work have you been doing since 2006, do you have any non-nursing work experience?

  7. by   alienRNwannabe
    You are eligible to take your LPN test, I read it earlier in this forum, someone who didn't pass NCLEX three times had given the LPN test which she passed right away. An LPN job is better than no job, and you can prepare for your NCLEX while you work. good luck
  8. by   jjjoy
    What did you learn besides license-required professional nursing care? You learned disease processes, medications, diagnostic tests, life span health & psychsoc issues. You learned about mental illness, public health, preventative care, health education and more. You have experience interacting with people in times of crisis, vulnerability, anxiety, etc. You spent time in different health care facilities, directly interacting with health care personnel. Even without a license or professional clinical practice, this kind of knowledge and experience is valuable and in demand in various areas. Having a bachelor's degree in addition that specific background can definitely help open doors to certain jobs.

    Since nursing is related to most any aspect of health and well-being, you can look for health-related jobs that require/prefer a bachelor's degree in a "related field." I suggest checking local hospital job boards, health department job boards (county, state), academic medical centers, & universities. Also, explore the listings at any major employers in your area as they might have a department involved in something health-related that you weren't aware of, such a niche medical supply manufacturing branch or an internal employee health department.

    Do some exploratory job listing searches on-line using key words like "medical" "health" "entry-level" "bachelor's required" etc. From what you find, start identifying other key words & phrases that might help find other "hidden" job listings... words & phrases such as clinical research coordinator, health information managment, reimbursement, and more. Other areas/businesses/key words to check out insurance companies, medical suppliers, manufacturers, health information technology, quality improvement, publishing, professional associations, coding, abstracting, community health and more.

    One thing is to not let yourself get too distracted by all the RN job listings you may come across in your searches and end up spending too much time thinking "if only".

    Finally, even if there aren't any open job listings that you are currently qualified for, you can still give a company/department manager/etc a call and ask more about a certain job, their line of business, recommendations for getting into their field, etc just for information. It could be a fruitless effort, but it's also possible that you'd learn more about other related possibilities and directions to explore!

    Best wishes to you!
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  9. by   donnacarol
    You really need to study.
  10. by   Aienn100
    I think we are in the same boat!! But I noticed that the original post dates back to 2009 so was just wondering if you passed NCELX-RN or did u find a job with BSN degree..
  11. by   sarahgrace
    Did you get to find a job without an rn license? Were you able to pass the nclex?
  12. by   caliotter3
    With only one post, I think it is safe to say the OP has never passed the NCLEX.