Interview and jury duty obligations.

  1. Hello AN!
    I need some advice. In January I received as summons to do jury duty for the month of March, I requested that I be excused until June, because I was in school and didn't want to ruin a semesters worth of hard work.

    I have an interview for a ED Tech position on the 12th of April. I have applied to many positions, but this is my first interview since getting my CNA certificate, 5 months ago. I want this, I need this, but I will have to eventually tell my prospective employers about this hiccup in scheduling.

    When is the best time to mention that I will need time off in June?
    At the interview? After getting an offer?

    The shift is 3, 12 hours nights. The days (or nights in this case) are varied. So it could be any night of the week. The recruiter said that scheduling is usually done 3 to 4 weeks in advance. She also said that it could be from 7PM to 7 AM or 10PM to 10AM or anything in between.

    Thank you in advance for the opinions, advice, and replies
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  3. by   realnursealso/LPN
    You can't lose a job because of jury duty, it is illegal in every state. Not sure what you should do.
  4. by   tippytootagon
    Don't mention it until you receive an offer. It is illegal for jury duty to be held against you in any way.
  5. by   HouTx
    Wow! Jury Duty for an entire month??? I have never heard of a month long summons, unless it is for a Grand Jury. I had to do that once, but it just consisted of having to call in each Monday to see if they needed me. Turned out that I was not needed but it was a major inconvenience.

    Agree with PPs - best not to mention it until after you get the offer.
  6. by   elkpark
    I agree with the others -- don't mention it until you actually get the summons and have more specific details. It's illegal to penalize you for jury duty.
  7. by   AlaskaHopeful
    Thank you for the replies!

    I have to start calling in everyday after 5pm at the beginning of the month. If my number is selected I would need to show up a 8am the next morning. If I am selected during that process then I will have to go in, depending on what kind of case it is will determine how long it will be.

    If I get the offer to work at the ED (fingers crossed), then I will tell them. I know its not good to be deceiving, it goes against my nature, but I need this tech position. Bills are piling up
  8. by   sbostonRN
    If it was a vacation, I would mention it. Since it's jury duty, I would mention it when you get the offer letter.

    Good luck and hope you don't actually have to do jury duty
  9. by   AlaskaHopeful
    I received the offer to be an ED Tech! I was also allowed to reschedule my jury duty between now and December! Thank you for the replies... I am on cloud nine at the moment!