I need to reschedule my orientation. Need advice

  1. Hi,
    I have been offered a position in the ER of a small and lovely Hospital. The position is part-time, two nights a week. It's like my dream job. Fits perfectly with my schedule. I have another job, which I like and have a nice boss whom I highly respect.
    Here is the situation;
    I was offered the job to start orientation in a month. Orientation is full-time and in the morning. I still can do that, but three/four weeks after the proposed start day. I have previously acquired commitments with my previous job, which I cannot and do not want to avoid.
    I will ask the nurse manager about the possibility of delaying the start day for a month, to honor my commitments and to serve this new job 100 %. In the meantime, I can even volunteer to get acquainted with the Unit, paperwork, and personnel. I do not care about paying, I just want them to hire me a a bit later.
    How can I approach the nurse director? Isn't it too dangerous to ask to be hired a month later? I do not want to disservice anybody here. Any advice will be greatly appreciated!
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  3. by   dbassi
    Any suggestions? Thanks!!
  4. by   Sun0408
    If you haven't spoken with her/him re: a start date, you can just call her up and state you have previous obligations and you need to honor them. Ask what can be done to satisfy both obligations or delay your start date..That's really all you can do if you can't manage both at the same time.. Being honest is the suggestion I have..

    My new NM was very understanding and knew I had to give 4 weeks notice and worked around my current obligations. It worked out great..

    Hope it works out for ya
  5. by   HouTx
    Depends on the urgency of the hiring manager. Your offer was contingent upon the 'start date' that was agreed upon. If s/he needs someone ASAP, your job offer may be rescinded. You'll need to be prepared for this possibility if you're trying to renegotiate terms.
  6. by   dbassi
    Thank you, so much. No we did not agree with any starting date. During the interview, i told her that March would be a little difficult for me to start, but she hired me anyways. I sent her an e-mail, but she hasn't replied yet. Do you think that it is better to call her (she gave two phone numbers besides her e-mail).
    Thanks, again.