HELP!!!! Resume NEW GRAD

  1. im having trouble doing a resume, can someone please help me with what to put in the objective section i was thinking something like

    'Motivated LVN looking for a position in the medical field, a place where I can put my skills and knowledge to use, where I can grow as a nurse all while helping and achieving great service'

    can someone help please!
    Im a new LVN Grad i have no experience working in the medical field

    also do you guys recommend putting my clinical experience in resume or no? ANY TIPS and comments welcomed! thank you my fellow nurses!! <3
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  3. by   EricJRN
    Some people see this as a radical idea, but I would consider leaving the objective section completely off unless the application asks you to mention the specific job requisition in an objective statement. Your objective as a new LVN should be apparent to people (to get the job you've already applied for). Honestly, most objective statements are just fluffy, non-verifiable wastes of good space. In other words, no one is going to believe that you are motivated just because you say so.

    Objective statements can sometimes hurt people (people whose objective statements are unfocused or unrelated to the job at hand), but in years of participating in new grad interviews, I don't think I've ever seen an objective help a new grad applicant in any way. Depending on your work history and other resume items, I can understand the temptation to use one if your resume would otherwise be really short. If you do use one, I would just shorten it a little. Take out the part about helping and growing, as I just think it's a little much for one sentence.

    In my view, clinical experience is okay to include for a new grad. It can actually help, especially if you did rotations in the specialty where you are applying.
  4. by   RRRNNN
    The applicant I would be most likely to hire would say something like "I have a car that works and a backup plan if it has trouble. I either don't have kids or if I do have kids I have a babysitter and a backup babysitter and a plan for if the school/daycare calls and says they have to be picked up in the middle of my shift. I always remember to come back from my breaks and don't go outside 10 times per day to smoke. I spend my time working, not gossiping, and have no interest in bashing my place of employment or my coworkers. I will not be in my DON's office every day complaining about my coworkers. I do my job and I promise to stay at least one year, even if I realize this is not my dream job and I have to work very hard." Haven't seen an application like that yet.
  5. by   beekee
    I've never ever included an objective statement. I think they are worthless. Seriously, "I am looking for a position with a mission-driven healthcare facility where I can provide compassionate, patient-centered care" says absolutely nothing. You said basically the same line in your post. They all say the same thing. As a result, pointless.

    (Also, I'm so not endorsing my sentence as any good. I made it up in 5 seconds.)