Has anyone applied for Farmingdale Advanced Standing Spring 2019??

  1. just wanted to know if anyone started applying for Famringdale's nursing program for the upcoming spring 2019 semster??

    Im currently a junior at Stony Brook University and i really hope i can get into Farmingdale! Ive wnated to be a nurse for so long, so I'm really trying hard to make this happen. However GPA really worries me.
    My pre reqs are:

    Anatomy and Physiology I and II: Both A's
    Psychology: A
    English Comp: A

    My overall GPA: 3.4

    I haven't taken the Teas yet, but im scheduled to take it on Aug 21 and if I don't do so well (which I hope I do), I will take it in Late September/October. Ive taken some practice exams and scored in the 80's, but im really shooting for the 90's. Do you think I have a good chance of getting in. or will they not even look at me because my GPA is really low?
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  3. by   SkyeDecember
    Hi! I applied as well, I don't think your overall GPA is low that you wouldn't even be considered
    how did you do on the TEAS?
  4. by   josephine1
    I got an 84, not super great, so I'm hoping for the best!
  5. by   SkyeDecember
    I hope we both get in! wishing you much luck
  6. by   josephine1
    Thanks Same here! I wish you luck too!