Has anyone applied for Farmingdale Advanced Standing Spring 2019??

  1. just wanted to know if anyone started applying for Famringdale's nursing program for the upcoming spring 2019 semster??

    Im currently a junior at Stony Brook University and i really hope i can get into Farmingdale! Ive wnated to be a nurse for so long, so I'm really trying hard to make this happen. However GPA really worries me.
    My pre reqs are:

    Anatomy and Physiology I and II: Both A's
    Psychology: A
    English Comp: A

    My overall GPA: 3.4

    I haven't taken the Teas yet, but im scheduled to take it on Aug 21 and if I don't do so well (which I hope I do), I will take it in Late September/October. Ive taken some practice exams and scored in the 80's, but im really shooting for the 90's. Do you think I have a good chance of getting in. or will they not even look at me because my GPA is really low?
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  3. by   SkyeDecember
    Hi! I applied as well, I don't think your overall GPA is low that you wouldn't even be considered
    how did you do on the TEAS?
  4. by   josephine1
    I got an 84, not super great, so I'm hoping for the best!
  5. by   SkyeDecember
    I hope we both get in! wishing you much luck
  6. by   josephine1
    Thanks Same here! I wish you luck too!
  7. by   josephine1
    Have you heard back from farmingdale yet?
  8. by   SkyeDecember
    no not yet!
    I'm really nervous tbh
    I've checked oasis at least 3 0r 4 times since the deadline, but nothing yet!
  9. by   SkyeDecember
    hey josephine1, have you checked oasis ?
    my status changed to "decision made", "tuition deposit waived"
    not entirely sure what that means
  10. by   josephine1
    Hey, just checked and it says: decision made, application accepted. So I guess that means I got in! I'm not sure what to do next. Is there a tuition deposit to be paid?
  11. by   SkyeDecember
  12. by   SkyeDecember
    if you don't go to the school, you'll have to pay a tuition deposit of approx. $100. I think you go to the billing tab on oasis which lets you access the payment center and you can choose to pay from there. if that doesn't work, call and ask!
    congrats! once again
  13. by   SkyeDecember
    so I just called admissions, and I got in as well!!!!
    I look forward to meeting you
  14. by   josephine1
    Congrats!!! I look forward to meeting you too!