Freshman in college, nursing?

  1. I'm 18, and I'm going to a community college in MS. I'm considering taking the 2 year program to be an RN. I've only read about nursing and the different things you have to do. I am not to sure about needles and catheters...but I would like to push myself. I wanted to get feedback from other nurses that were afraid to go into nursing at first. I plan to get my RN, then use it on the mission field, as I have devoted my life to God's ministry. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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    Well.....bless your heart, ILive4Jesus00.........I live for Jesus, too!

    Welcome to allnurses, and I hope you like hanging out with us here!

    You'll gain a lot of information here, and we do have a Student Nursing Forum that you can participate in as well. Those students can help bring you up to date on school matters....probably better than us "seasoned" nurses could.

    I, myself, was never afraid of what I might encounter in nursing school. I grew up with a father who worked for years as the only Heart and Lung Technician in our town, so had lots of medical books available to read that had all kinds of gross pictures in them.....went to work with my father on occasion, and had the nurses and other docs show me stuff that most kids wouldn't ordinarily get to see before age 12, etc. So.....I was very well grounded for the health field.

    However, my middle daughter is a LPN today, and she couldn't stand the sight of a snotty nose on kids she babysat, and would call me to come "wipe their noses" for her. :chuckle She would also call me to come over to the kids homes when she babysat to change their poopy diapers because that nauseated her. So.....I would NOT allow her to babysit little ones UNLESS she did so UNDER OUR ROOF since I had to "Babysit" the kids "Babysitter" in those matters. :chuckle And....guess what area of nursing she works in and LOVES??? Mother/ you see......there's hope for you yet! :chuckle
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    Thank you cheerfuldoer.

    The only things that I am a little scared of are blood, needles (don't really see myself sticking someone else), and catheters.
    The schooling seems doable..I am pretty good in school. I just know that I want to help people...and after getting my RN, I would probably get my Bachelor's in Pediatrics. I just don't really know yet.
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    Welcome and good luck
  6. by   Keely-FutureRN
    Hi! I am also a college freshman looking into the nursing career so I can understand. Nursing is so varied that you can do just about anything. You will get used to nursing procedures through practice so I don't think it will seem so awkward after you have done it for a while. I am really interested in ER, PICU, and OB/GYN but am still looking around. Good luck and God Bless!
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    Thank you cheerfuldoer!
    That is really inspiring.
    I was worried about that so I appreciate your words very much.

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    Hi Cheerfuldoer,
    what book of Max Lucado's did you get your quote from? I could sure use the encouragement, I live for Jesus too, but am at a low point right now.
    I see your posts alot on the nicu site. I have been a nicu nurse for less than a year now, an RN for 4 yrs. I finally thought I found my niche, but I make mistakes, nothing life threating, thank God, but potentially serious. I feel inadequate for the job. I also work night shift in a large teaching hospital with a union with lots of mandatory overtime. I do not like the night shift, but second is out and first could take years. I'm considering leaving nursing altogether. I can't think of where else to go, and my family needs the money. I travel about 50 minutes to get to work and I have 3 teenagekids. I am always tired and sleep alot. I don't feel like I am there for my kids. Even need help with cooking.
    Don't know why I told you all this, guess I could use the support and I like Max Lucado's books, even though I have yet to finish one all the way through. Also, I like your biography.
    Thanks for "listening". And please, anyone feel free to reply.
  9. by   Keely-FutureRN
    Dear bikerchic,
    Everyone has hard times that they go through. I think you are just a little overwhelmed with what your doing and are looking at all these things that need to get done and not at what your are accomplishing. It is really hard balancing work, home, finances, etc. In my family, we all take turns with everyday tasks (i.e. cooking, cleaning, trading off on who picks up the kids from school, etc) You should talk to them and tell them you need a little more help with these things. It doesn't mean that you are inadequate but that everyone should pitch in and help. This should help you de-stress a little bit. Try getting a little more rest. This would help with mistakes at work because you would be more alert. As for not being there for your kids- you are there for them in the hard work you do to take care of them and bring them up. Try setting aside a few hours if you can over the weekend or when your not working to have some quality time with them. I hope this helps and that things get better for you. :kiss

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    Thanks Keely, your kind words are so much appreciated. I was going to quit last noc, but I'm generally not a quitter so I'll stick it out a little longer. I am definitely stressed and frustrated. I feel like no one at work appreciates anything, and they are quick to talk about your inadequacies, but do not mention the good things. Oh well, guess that's life. I do have the kids help out, but 2 of them have ADHD and forget to help or don't help without a list, and I have yet to devise a rotating list of chores. My husband helps with laundry and cooking. What a guy. And I'm still stressed? That's just me. so how is nursing in Utah? Maybe I should relocate.
  11. by   Keely-FutureRN
    I can understand. My younger sister has ADHD also. You just need to be patient and step back a little and look at things in perspective. I'm sure you are making things a little harder on yourself than they have to be. In Utah, nurses are GREATLY needed and there are news reports every week or so updating us on the shortage. We are not low in people who want to become nurses, but we don't have enough teachers to teach people how. My aunt is a nurse and she loves her work so I guess nursing is okay here. But I think it is a matter of finding the right places to work which makes the difference.
  12. by   Bikerchic
    Thanks Keely, you're so nice. You'll make a great nurse. Good luck in school and feel free to ask any questions you need help with. You sound so grown up for your age? are you the oldest?
    Sounds like your aunt is a great role model. God Bless
  13. by   Keely-FutureRN
    Oh thanks! My mom is a therapist so growing up, I got advice whether I wanted it or not. :chuckle I have a twin sister who is also 18 and a younger sister who is 14. I am trying to work through my general education requirements to apply to nursing school. It is a slow process since I work full time for school. Hopefully I'll make it in my lifetime! LOL. Thanks for your support and I look forward to hearing from you (reading your posts) soon.

  14. by   Hotlips
    Hi Keely, don't say hopefully. you will definitely make it. It took me 5 years to get my associates degree. Gen ed was 1 class at a time while I worked part time and raised my then younger children. My sisters-in-law are twins. They are both nurses. so is my cousin and another sister-in-law. What is your sister interested in doing? I always wanted twins, but my husband who is the oldest of 6 kids and a brother to the twins was so glad we didn't. What class are you in now? And nursing school and graduation will come before you know it. Enjoy your time now, nursing school is tough and time consuming. Hope to talk to you soon. p.s. There is a problem with my profile right now, and even though it says hotlips, this is bikerchic. God Bless