Failed last semster of school

  1. Hello friends.

    Here on a somber note, literally just found out today that I won't be graduating. Unfortunately I needed a certain grade on my final to pass, and missed the mark by 4 points, so I'm failing the class by a whopping 1.5 points. And even more unfortunately, I've already failed two classes prior this so that's it, I'm out of the program. There's no point in appealing my grade, as I wasn't treated unjustly in any way. Supposedly I can appeal to stay in the program...but again I don't know what circumstances make them decide to overturn that rule for people.

    I already had a job lined up, and really just feeling pretty bummed about everything. I currently still work as a tech and I've always loved clinicals, so the passion is there. I do great in clinicals, but have always sucked at lecture classes. Even in pre-nursing classes like A&P I hated lecture...made A's on lab practicals. I'm going to meet with my professor and one of our advisers for any advice on next steps. However, I was just wondering if anyone here had underwent similar experiences. I know a lot of times it's hard for nursing classes to transfer to a new program, and they often make you start over.But I think it would still be worth it...because I don't have another degree to fall back on and if it's going to be another two years to get a degree I might as well do something I already know about. I've felt like nursing was meant for me for a while now, and even more so working as a tech. But I guess right now I'm just feeling all sorts of defeated and like a failure. Hopefully this post made sense, I'm a little scatter brained right now.

    Sorry for the super long post. Any advice y'all may have would be great!! Thanks!
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  3. by   txsky
    So sorry to hear this. I know what you feel. Nursing school is not easy. You have to be resilient.
    Ask the most informative people to give you constructive advice.
    For majority of students fell out of our program, they got enrolled into BSN nursing program somewhere else. A few had to start from ADN.
    If this is your passion, do not give it up. Keep your chin up.
  4. by   BaTiRy
    I would definitely appeal anyway, and you never know. I've heard of them accepting students back in our program (not sure where you go), so it isn't impossible, and if you don't try, the answer would definitely be no. You don't have anything to lose at this point, so definitely try appealing. I'm so sorry that this happened, and to be this close too. Let us know how your meetings go, and I hope people have good advice for you too!
  5. by   RAndaRoo
    Thanks for the kind words both of y'all! I decided to at least try to appeal to stay in my program, and hopefully on Monday I will get some good advice about other schools in the mean time. From what I've looked at online it looks like to start somewhere else it would probably not be until Fall. I think one of the hardest parts was trying to explain to my parents...they're sympathetic but you know no one understands how hard nursing school is except people who have done it.
    Again thanks, I will let y'all know how Monday goes!!
  6. by   LockportRN
    I am glad that you are going to appeal. There are many that don't make it this far. I used to have an LPN that was my 'study buddy' but also friend. We would take turns driving to classes especially on test day. The passenger of these rides would 'test' the driver. I vividly remember asking her questions that were much more difficult than was on the tests and she always got them right. But once in the classroom with paper, pencil and quiet, along with the 'timer', she would freeze. Often just barely passing. She just found it to be too much pressure (esp when the proctor would walk around saying '10 more minues', '5 more minutes' etc. That along with noisier classmates would distract her.

    Hang in there and don't be too hard on yourself. You are so close! If you can identify what the problem that you are having, try to talk it out with the professor and see if they have any suggestions for you.
  7. by   quiltynurse56
    Yes, I have had that experience. You are right not all of your nursing classes will transfer. I was accepted into another program as an advanced placement as if I were an LPN. Yet, I then decided to get my LPN instead. Start looking around and see what you can find for school.
  8. by   not2bblue
    When you knew you were not doing well, what did your Instructor discuss with you? It is NOT the instructor's fault and I am not suggesting you put it off on her, but if you asked for assistance and it was not provided ( in any of the classes you did not pass), then I would bring that up on appeal. If you were failing and the instructor did not offer help and your school requires you can get tutoring as needed but you didn't get it, that is an issue. If tutorials were offered and you didn't do it or didn't put in any extra work then you may be out of luck. I will say that unless you have no way to pay for school, they do financially benefit from you paying for more classes. For profit schools will consider this, trust me. Not for profit or state schools won't care about the tuition money from one student. Good luck to you. (Ask for a grade audit to make sure you truly failed)
  9. by   RAndaRoo
    After I failed one test she emailed me to meet with her but I wasn't able to so I just had to email a study plan. And honestly we have tutoring, but it is not helpful whatsoever. Mmm tuition is quite high so I'm certain they don't care about my tuition. Basically I'm just going to appeal to try to stay in the program and repeat this one class because I have nothing to lose. And also going to look at other schools.
  10. by   greenandsilver
    If you really want to be a nurse, you can do it, on appeal, mention the small amount of points missed to pass and stellar performance in labs. If and when you get back into your school or another school, stop working. You need that time to study. Yes, you will need to take out more loans or live on a shoestring but it is the only way you are going to reach your goal.
  11. by   RAndaRoo
    Hey y'all! Just wanted to update! So I did appeal to stay in the program and retake this one class, and it got approved!! (Which rarely ever happens) Thank y'all so much for the support and encouragement, and encouraging me to appeal since I didn't have anything to lose. I'm so happy and relieved to know I can finish here and not have to start over! Again thank y'all for the support and kind words!!
  12. by   txsky
    How wonderful it is! Now relax and have a wonderful Christmas.
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    That's great news! Happy Christmas indeed.