does anyone feel there is bilateral violence in nursing

  1. please share your experience especially if you are a new nurse
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  3. by   jimbob
    Not really sure what you mean by bilateral violence Kimmy? But nurses treat each other badly in my experience if that's what you mean? There's plenty of documented evidence which suggests that this is an 0n-going and world wide phenomenon. I'm currently studying but also been registered for 10+ years as psychiatric nurse - so know that this is true. How do we overcome it? Still working on this one!!!!
  4. by   LovelyLady01
    Are you talking about how the patients attack the nurses???
  5. by   KatieBell
    Violence? Nurses attacking each other? Perhaps verbally. I think the word violence is getting overused, as I associate it with actual physical damage... not nurses being mean to each other, which of course we surely are.
  6. by   amy
    Hi. I think you mean "horizontal" violence. This is when a coworker, considered an "equal", is hostile and/or mean. Yes, I do believe there is a great deal of horizontal violence in the nursing workplace. Have been the victim of it twice, in two seperate facilities, and have seen it quite often to others. We are a tough bunch, with even tougher expectations than you would find in any office setting. It's unfortunate that nurses treat nurses the way they do. thankfully, not all nurses continue the cycle.
  7. by   Havin' A Party!
    Kimmy -- Do you mean getting hit by both right and left jabs?
  8. by   gauge14iv
    Do you mean Lateral Abuse?
  9. by   starclub
    Hello everyone,
    I am new and i am very eager to hear the opinion of nurses on how they are being treated by their fellow nurses.From what i have seen nurses treat themselves so bad.This is why there is no respect from the public for the proffession.It is not the nursing proffession but the nurses themselves.You watch the other proffessions like doctors and pharmacist,they have great respect for themselves no matter what.On the other hand the nurses eat themselves ,hummiliate and passes on an ugly gossipps like wide fire .
    How do you want other people to respect the proffession,when they watch in dismay at what is going on.The patients might be sick but the see what is going on and then pass it on.
  10. by   HappyJaxRN
    I'm assuming that you mean violence in the work place. I think I addressed this a few weeks ago. I was wondering the same thing since there is so much stress in floor nursing. I have never witnessed anyone being physically abusive to anyone far as nurse to nurse goes. I've heard "talk" of a nurse saying that she thinks another nurse "will get hers" some day, implying (sp) that someone would follow the troublemaking nurse to her car and attack her, follow her home, or vandalism to her car. I've heard talk like that on more than one occasion and I too wondered if there was more of it actually happening....There is so much tension on the floor in the various units, you'd think it would happen more often. I guess when you have a license, you have more to loose and battery or vandalism could cause you to loose your license. It's not worth it.
  11. by   carolyn92003
    YES.....Horizontal and/or Vertical violence in the workplace, especially in the healthcare setting, I believe, is growing to levels of major concern, such that, the negative impact as a result of such violence is detrimental to both the Nurse as well as Pt, furthermore, the impact it has on the rest of those within such an environment. I believe it has for far too long been tossed by the way-side, swept under the carpet, ignored by managment (although not ignored by the managment where I am employed as a L&D Nurse, I'm proud to report), at any rate, please hear me when I say IT'S TIME FOR NURSES TO BAN TOGETHER AND STAND UP FOR THEIR RIGHTS, ADVOCATE FOR THEMSELVES & THEIR PATIENTS AND STOP WORKPLACE VIOLENCE ONCE & FOR ALL. DEMAND THE RESPECT YOU DESERVE...NOBODY WILL DO IT FOR YOU.
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  12. by   canoehead
    When someone hits me I hit them back. (bilateral?)
  13. by   carolyn92003
    OK, you're a, but, yes, to be politically correct, that would constitute bilateral violence in the work place...Good one
  14. by   RRT2RN2CRNA
    Yes, I have in fact seen a pt kick a nurse with *both* feet.

    Just terrible.