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  1. Hey Guys...
    I need proper guidance in order to enter nursing profession.
    Right now i'm a stay at home mom.... mother of a four month old baby boy. I'm planning to enter a CNA Program at P&A Nursing School in Philadelphia. I want to work as a CNA in order to get familiar to the nursing environment.
    Eventually i want to become a Registered Nurse but before that i would like to become LPN. Please help me and guide me regarding all the tests and please let me know if i can take some pre-requites online for RN program going side by side with my LPN studies.
    Please answer me in detail.
    Thank you.
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  3. by   Tweety
    Do not take any pre-reqs along side your LPN courses if you have a 4 month old. The LPN program is vrey intense by itself.

    I'm not sure what you mean by all the tests.

    Good luck to you!
  4. by   sacredguee
    Quote from tweety
    do not take any pre-reqs along side your lpn courses if you have a 4 month old. the lpn program is vrey intense by itself.

    i'm not sure what you mean by all the tests.

    good luck to you!
    hey thank u so much.... regarding the tests i mean't how should i prepare myself to enter into a lpn program school??? i mean what are the requirements....??? and yeh do you know any good lpn school in northeast philadelphia 19111. please help.
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  5. by   sacredguee
    Is there anyone who can tell me in detail how much LPN Program will cost me???... i live in Philadelphia.
  6. by   caliotter3
    You have to get specific answers to your questions from the programs that you are considering. Unless someone on the site who has attended one of the schools that you are considering reads and responds to this thread, no one can give you the specifics. Different programs have different requirements. And the same program can change their requirements from year to year, so you have to get up to date info. Just call, write, or visit the schools that you are interested in and get the printed info as well as talk to counselors who can better guide you. Then you can make an informed choice of which school is best for your circumstances. One thing for certain: make sure you have your childcare situation squared away. You can't be missing school for child emergencies or problems with babysitters letting you down. Good luck.
  7. by   sacredguee
    hey guys plz help .... is it possible to graduate for LPN Program through an online school??? I mean is there any online school that offers LPN Program ?? and if there is ?? is it worth it??
    plz reply me ASAP.....plz
  8. by   caliotter3
    Deaconess School of Nursing before it became Chamberlain used to have a distance program that allowed a student to obtain the LPN license on the way to the RN license. If one wanted to, one could stop with the LPN and not finish the RN program. It was really a good way to go, and Deaconess had a decent reputation. That was the only such program I ever discovered in my research. Unfortunately, since the school became Chamberlain, they have done away with the LPN stop point. Unless, some other school has started a program, I don't know of anyway to get an LPN license online or by distance education. Sorry.
  9. by   sacredguee
    hi friends.....
    i have one more question so far thanku so much for replying back to me... i really appreciate....thanks
    okay i'm at home doing nothing just taking care of my four month baby... is there anything i can do in the mean time from home ( like taking up some anatomy and physiology classes online ) will that be helpful?? and yeh are these courses which are online and worth...?
  10. by   pagandeva2000
    I would not take any courses on line in conjunction with an LPN course, because it would be very distracting. Most LPN schools are full time, 5 days a week and there are many assignments, clinicals, and practice labs that have to be done for the entire length of the program.

    It is also very true that you have to ensure that your childcare situation is air tight before you enter ANY nursing program because they have a limit of latenesses and absences. Many will say that if you are absent twice, or late three times (ESPECIALLY to clinicals), you may be expelled from their program. And, the LPN programs are jam packed with information within a short span of time, so, missing any time will be determental to your grades. As much as I, personally, understand that as a parent, our children come first, but, most schools are not that empathetic towards childcare or jobs. They feel that this behavior would continue as a nurse that is not dependable (not MY words, but it may be THEIRS).

    Good luck in CNA school and more!