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  1. Hello everyone,

    I am currently enrolled in my local community college taking all my prereqs and was wanting some good school advice. I plan on finishing my prereqs and getting my two year ASN degree but wish to continue my education and work on to my BSN. I know I can not take much more time off than what it is going to take to get my ASN, so I have looked into a few distance learning schools.

    My main question is has anyone graduated from ISU. Indiana State University and if so have they ran into any trouble getting licensed like some students have from Excelsior. I have read the posts for Excelsior and have found they are having to either jump through hoops or not getting licensed at all in about 13 state. Has anyone had any trouble or heard of anyone having trouble graduating from ISU?

    Any advice would be helpful.
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    Have you found out ANYTHING about ISU????? I was wondering the same thing and am curious as to why nobody has replyed to your blog!!!
    Please help if you have learned anything else about distance learning...
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    RN-BSN schools that are classroom based will have much less classroom contact that pre-licensure programs. There are several here in my state that have classes that meet 1 Saturday a month. Others have classes that meet a half-day a week.

    Students in RN-BSN programs are all working nurses, and schools know this. Schedules are often constructed for these types of students.

    Take a look at the RN-BSN programs in your home state first. They will cost a fraction of the online, for-profit schools and may have much more 'street cred'. For example, the tuition at the state school that has classes 1 Saturday a month is only $203/credit for instate students.