2nd job?

  1. Hello everyone! This may be slightly off topic, and admins, feel free to move to a more appropriate sub if necessary....

    Alright, currently I am a relatively new grad (it will be a year in June since I got licensed). I gave my story on another thread in the "first year of licensure", needless to say, the last 10 months has not gone AT ALL like I imagined my career was going to go, and right now I am feeling pretty limited in my nursing career options.... for now..... (you can search my username and go and read that story if you want some more background...)

    Anyways my current situation is that I am full time at a nursing home (.8 days), making 28 an hour....

    My pay is ok... I can pay the bills, ect..... but I am really wanting some extra income..... for reasons explained in my other post, a second nursing job isnt really an option at the moment, and honestly, I think it would be fun to have a side job that doesnt have to do with nursing.

    Does anyone work retail on the side and find that they are flexable enough for your nursing schedule? Any other ideas? Not interested in pizza delivery, uber, ect.....
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  3. by   NurseCard
    I have said numerous times, a side job at Michael's or
    Starbucks would be so much fun and would of course help
    pay the bills.

    But then I stop and think about how little those jobs pay,
    and would putting in that extra time really be worth it.
    I dunno...

    Thank you for giving me some food for thought though as I too
    have been seriously considering a second job lately and MAYBE
    something in retail would be an option. My beef about
    getting another job is just the sheer amount of time that it
    sometimes takes to secure a nursing job, what with
    background checks, reference checks, etc. etc...

    What if I walked into Starbucks tomorrow and they were
    needing help? How long would it really take them to decide
    to hire me?
  4. by   Name9335
    Yeah, the so little pay is a little bit concerning.... currently there isn't a TON of extra nursing shifts at my work, which I know will ebb and flow. I will pick up extra shifts when I can, but would really like something else as well
  5. by   KelRN215
    Dog walking/sitting? I think the people who house sit/watch my dogs when I go away get decent extra spending money for not doing a whole lot and getting to stay in a 3 BR house instead of sharing a small apartment with their roommates.
  6. by   Name9335
    My current apartment does not allow pets at all.... either visiting or staying
  7. by   Name9335
    Also, I'm looking for something I can do on the evenings on my days that I work. I don't know that anyone needs a dog walker in the evening
  8. by   KelRN215
    Quote from Name9335
    My current apartment does not allow pets at all.... either visiting or staying
    If you house sit, you stay at the client's house. I have people stay at my house to watch my 2 dogs any time I go away. I use dog walkers in the evening occasionally if I am at a sports game.
  9. by   beekee
    What are your hobbies/interests outside of work? Do something related to that. Or, you could tutor children after school, clean houses, walk dogs (there are apps that connect dogs with walkers), run errands for busy/homebound people, nanny. And, a nursing job would probably pay the best. You have some LTC experience. You could sign up with an agency to work in local LTCs that need a nurse, but that's likely to be super stressful. You could see if you could get a PRN job at an adult day care, home for folks with intellectual disabilities, etc. Places that have lower medical acuity, but require a whole different (and just as important) skill set that you likely already have. These folks would be lucky to have you, the work might be more fulfilling for you and you get paid!
  10. by   Name9335
    I don't have a ton of hobbies that would translate to a job😔 I really want to get back into a hospital at some point, but because of reasons explained in my previous post, the hospital isn't an option😔 I don't LOVE LTC, but it's a good job for now, and I don't think I want to add a second LTC
  11. by   DisneyNurseGal
    [QUOTE=NurseCard;9803708]I have said numerous times, a side job at Michael's.../QUOTE]

    Michael's SUCKS to work! for dont do it. It's not worth it. Did it in nursing school a few years ago. I thought the same thing, this would be fun.

    To the OP, I know that you said that you are looking for something outside of nursing, but I would recommend looking around and seeing what PRN/Per Diem jobs are available in your area. I work with two different Home Health/Hospice companies in my area, and I make TRIPLE my hospital hourly per visit. It is really flexible and you don't have a lot of pressure hanging over you... you go on a visit, do what you are there to do, chart it and you are done.
  12. by   Name9335
    Thanks everyone. I took a harder look at my budget and such today.... I think for now, I am just going to stick with my one job and try to pick up some extra shifts there as well. Hopefully my pay will increase in the next year or so that I am there as well
  13. by   saongiri
    I have taught fitness classes in the past. It can be a nice way to stay in shape and make a bit of side money. It's usually fun too.
  14. by   amoLucia
    I used to think that I'd might enjoy a job working at a nice card shop or florist shop at the mall.

    Not a lot of money but I think the aesthetic aspects of the job might be a tradeoff for the low $.