**Path of choice.. what to do?!**

  1. So my situation is:
    I am currently in school to become a Medical Assistant, I figured this is an easy way to have an okay job during RN school. I love it so far, and im so glad I picked the medical field. My question basically is:
    What do you all think I should do next? Go right into RN? Go to LPN?
    Id just like some advice.
    I have a 4.0 right now, so my futures looking bright, I just want to make the right decision! I am really interested in CRNA, and legal consulting too. I just have all these options and would like some input from other RN's, and people in the nursing field.
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  3. by   EricJRN
    Hi Whitney -

    I moved your post to the Nursing Career Advice Forum. If you look through the site, you'll find a ton of 'RN or LPN' discussion threads. Each one has its advantages. With your career aspirations, you'll definitely need the RN plus more education, experience and training. Going for the RN right away isn't necessarily best though.

    Question: Does your 4.0 include any of the prerequisites for nursing school? Both LPN and RN programs usually require that the student take certain courses prior to admission, and these courses are not usually covered in MA programs.
  4. by   MB37
    You're only 18, so I'm assuming you don't have too much college under your belt. Is the medical assistant coursework at a technical school? I don't know what they do exactly. How long is that program? If you are already going to have some type of job in the field though, and if you really think you want to go on to an advanced degree, I would go straight to RN right now instead of getting an LPN first. The next question, of course, is ASN or BSN. You will need the bachelor's eventually if you're thinking CRNA, but it's less expensive for a lot of people to get the ASN first. Look into the programs in Orlando, or all of Florida if you're willing to move. Take a couple of prereqs if the MA thing isn't at a normal college. See how well you do, and then reevaluate what your options are. Good luck!
  5. by   staeces
    Hi--I am a new user so I am not too sure this will be posted correctly.

    My name is Stacie and I finishing my pre-reqs for nursing school entrance. I am 49; I tell you that so that you have some some reference point to answer my question.

    I have applied to 3 different programs. One is a 2 year degree program and I expect to begin in Fall 07......or should I hold out for a bachelors degree program for Fall 08? Because I already have a degree it should only take me 3 years.

    I am anxious to become an RN ASAP. Does it matter that much if I have a 2 year RN rather than a BSN? I feel like if I am going to want a BSN eventually I should just it in 2008, instead of going to the 2 year program.

    Thanks for the help. I signed up for this forum a while ago but now have the time to enjoy it.

  6. by   Tweety
    Your goals are requiring that you have an RN, so with those good grades and your young age, it makes more sense to keep on the RN track and just work as a MA for spending money and to pay the bills.

    If you find there's a longer waiting list to get your RN, then I would consider the LPN route.