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Nursing in Canada


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Hi there,

i´m an RN, Bsn from Iceland. I was wondering if anyone could tell me what I have to do to work as a Nurse in Canada. Is there a test I have to take? also I want to know if it is difficault to get a visa to work as a Nurse in your country?

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Silverdragon102, BSN

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Moving this to the international forum as per the red banner

You need to meet the province requirements for International Educated Nurse and at some stage will need to sit and pass CRNE. It isn't difficult as long as you meet requirements to get a work visa.

Any questions regarding licensure in another country we ask are placed in the International forum and there are a few threads already there discussing Canada.


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sorry i thought this was the international forum, could you please give me the link for the international forum

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Your first post has already been moved to the International forum by a moderator. Your second post to this thread was automatically made there, as is this one. When you go to the home page of the International forum, scroll down past the list of subforums and you'll find all the generic international threads. As silverdragon 102 said, there are MANY threads on this (International) forum about what is required to come to Canada and work as a nurse. If you've still got questions after you've read through the hundreds of posts on these threads, come back here and ask them. There are links on the Canadian forum home page that will take you to the Colleges (boards) of nursing for the different provinces, a cross-country comparison of wages and benefits and some pointers for internationally educated nurses wishing to work in Canada that you should also look at.

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