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Nursing in California

Hello i am an american citizen going to school in the Philippines and i recently heard something about a new law saying that graduates from other countries would not be eligible to work in the states. Can someone please help me either confirm or deny this? i am very worried because ive already been here for almost two years and have 2.5 years left to graduate. I dont want to graduate and not be able to work where i was born and raised. Any help on the topic would be greatly appreciated.

It depends on where you want to practice and work, if it's in CA, you're wasting your time and money. CA BON has rejected 100's if not 1,000's of foreign grads that lacks the proper minimum educational standards. Other states are more forgiving as of this time, but could change at any time.

NY and TX and FL are still "ok". I'm sure AZ, AR, AK, NV, OR and several other states are still ok.

It's just not happening to PH, but also UK, China, India, Russia students and still not limited to those countries.

We're dealing with requirement(s) in CA that's been there since 1987.

You'll see that the blame is coming from our own CHED, PRC and PNA groups. They never changed to meet the US standards. It's been said the CA BON people have been telling students for years, it needs to be changed.

Personally, with 2.5 years left, while it may be difficult to enroll in a US LVN school, that's your best bet. It's also about 2 years, which is what your PH BSN degree will amount to, as we're being asked to go into the LVN field, then apply into a RN-BSN bridge.

But I also read here, LVN jobs are very hard to get, as many places are not hiring LVN's, but using CNA's (pays half the wages of an LVN) and using RN's to delegate and do the RN scope of practice. It's cheaper to conduct this way.

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Thank you very much for your reply. I have been looking for a while but cant find the minimum requirements. If you have them or a link to them could you please post it. I am planning on going to the dean on monday because the school i go to is accredited already, as far as i know, or what i gather from what ive been reading, is that the primary concern is that everything be done concurrently and that we have all the cases completed. You are very right in saying it is hard to get a job as an LVN, my mother is an LVN in CA and she has been for many years now and still cant find a permanent position. Other states are an option, although will prove difficult. Once again thank you very much for you reply and help

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Moved to the advice on immigration forum where you will find many threads discussing this issue. Each state will have their own requirements and for many don't find out if they meet requirements until they have been assessed by the state BON

The "accreditation" I don't think meets CA BON standards as Silverdragon mentions, it's more that it meets the PH requirements, but doesn't mean it's approved outside of our country. I don't think any PH school has been assessed by the CA BON.

Yes, I think if you can get your dean to immediately meet the concurrency issues you might have a chance, it will be a good change if they can make the correct adjustments to CA BON minimum needs.

Your school could give you the actual rules or regulations or should be able to direct you so you can see for yourself, it will be a surprise for them too, lol.

WhateverItTakes: Hi. I am a LVN here in CA before I decided to go to the Philippines to study BSN. I just graduated last April of this year. I submitted my application on June 5th and I received a response two days ago. They (BON) didn't say that I am not eligible to take the NCLEX but rather they asked for more requirements from me. In order to complete the processing of my application I have to provide the following:

> A copy of Us Social Security card

> A copy of entire visa and/or passport (including blank pages) & a summary of all departure and entry dates for US and Philippines

> School curriculum hundred pages or more (overview questionnaire enclosed) send directly from nursing school to the Board

> A one page BSN curriculum outline sent directly to the Board from nursing school.

I was given one year to comply the additional requirements or else my application will be considered abandoned and I will need to reapply. I already sent a copy of the letter to my school and right now I am just waiting and hoping for the best!

It may take a month or so but I will update you as soon as I get a response from them. Btw, it's a great idea if you will able to address this problem to your school. God Bless.


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