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Isnt it great a forum for Aussie - feel like l am on an adventure again So lets see whose is on the board Lets all check in and see who can, may contribute - please any lurkers come and talk y us ... Read More

  1. by   gwenith
    Here is a picture of North Stradbroke
  2. by   melbnurse
    Hi all! my name is leigh , and yes Grace, I do agree with hospital based training ! think we may be of an age, ie 50+ lol
    I too, owned a " Bluey " til last Tuesday , had to have her put down, she was 20 yo Lost my best mate !
    I worked for the RFDS for 21 years , and have only been back in " civilisation" for 5 years !
    Trained at the Alfred , in Melbourne , back here now , working acute Surg in a small Hossy, but gr8 place
  3. by   gwenith

    I am sure you will find a lot of fun and interaction of this BB. If you want to talk about things OTHER than nursing use the "forum jump" drop down menu to get to the break room. This is the area where we talk to each other. It is fascinating talking to nurses from all over the world about thier lives and what they get up to away from work.

    PS notice the welcome smiley? Brian has turned the image function on in this forum for us - neat huh!
  4. by   squeek
    hi all, Im Squeek, I have been nursing for 20 years, as a nurse assistant in aged care, and EN in rehab (hospital trained) and an RN (uni trained) in acute care, last 10 years OR and recovery...

    Am currently on workcover following a laminectomy for herniated discs (thanks to nursing) am planning on returning to uni to complete my grad dip (started 6 yrs ago, anaes & recovery specialty) but looking to complete it in management or clinical teaching. I am currently on a mission to find a new direction in nursing (a direction with no lifting or manual handling) would welcome any suggestions... I love nursing and people ... I have always enjoyed every area that I have worked in....

    I will just have a bundy and diet coke please!
  5. by   squeek
    oh PS

    I think bring back hospital trained nursing or at least increase the practical s lots...

    I say go the ANF!
  6. by   gwenith

    ((((((((((((((((((((hugs))))))))))))))))) hope you are feeling better soon.

    I am sure there are plenty of other avenues - education, management etc. Why don't you look at aome of the threads and options on here - a lot are American and they have positions and career paths that we do not have but don't let that limit you. Sometimes you get a better response if you start a new thread and ask your question. You won't be the first asking that question believe me.
  7. by   road runner2003
    Wanna' welcome a newbie?

    I was a B.O nursing student, deferred one month into the course, start as 1st year B.O nursing science student next year.

    Preparing to buy the relevant text books - Psychology Studies Hlth, Nursing Art and Sci, Life Sci 1, Info Literacy For Nurses, Fundamentals of Nursing Practice, Hlth Assessment for Nurses, Hlth Sociology A. Tis' a big brown paper bag of books, the joy of obtaining them - and please do not tell me the price :roll
  8. by   gwenith

    Welcome Roadrunner now enlighten me - BO? Nursing student last I looked BO stood for Body odour but I am guessing you don't mean that:roll
  9. by   road runner2003

    B.O/BO. Knew it, when I typed my intro out, someone is going to pick up on this. Where possible, I abbreviate a lot - how about too much!

    Tsk, tsk, tsk. You know this surely can't be any worse than a particular ruckus :roll
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  10. by   Kizomo
    G'day all... just dropped in for wine and cheese... mmmm ... thanks! I'm Tracy, an Oz transplanted to Canada. I did my training at RPAH in Sydney, over 20 yrs ago... whew!... and moved to Canada shortly after. The pay here is much better, but the weather sucks! Since moving here, I've worked surgical, NICU, LTC, and now I'm supervising out in the community.
    Are there any other RPAH nurses out there? Cheers - Tracy!
  11. by   road runner2003
    Hi Kizomo- Haven't worked at Roayl Prince Alfred - I'm still a student. Just want to say g'day. I'd love to work outside Australia - UK, USA or Canada after a 3-4yrs working in Australia. I packed my bags and left home (QLD) to do my B.of nursing (now nursing science) in Victoria!
  12. by   jayna
    Heeeeyyyy there
    Road runner B.O? Gwenith the last I heard the BO is Bowel open.

    Correct me if am wrong here.

  13. by   road runner2003
    Bowel open, body odour . . . I think I may write/type it (bachelor of) in the entirety now.