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Isnt it great a forum for Aussie - feel like l am on an adventure again So lets see whose is on the board Lets all check in and see who can, may contribute - please any lurkers come and talk y us ... Read More

  1. by   bewbew
    Hi all!
    I am a new graduate, just finished my Bachelor of Nursing at a Melbourne university, December 2002.
    I was previously an enrolled nurse, have been nursing for 13 years and generally worked in age care.
    I am about to start my graduate year, and will get 4 rotations around the (country) hospital.
    At this stage I would like to learn, first, how to be an RN, lol, then after my grad year, would like to do a crit care, or high dependency course.
    Pleased to meet you all!
  2. by   Grace Oz
    jax, my reasons for believing nursing training should be returned to the apprentice style system are many & varied. In a brief nutshell; I feel the new trainee nurses are disadvantaged on many fronts by studying at university. I do not beleive nurses NEED a university degree. I think nurses are far better off learning at the coalface under the mentoring of trained, experienced nurses. YES! I KNOW things are different thesedays, no staff, etc etc. It's one thing to learn something from a book, it's an entirely different matter being able to apply that knowledge in the practical setting. Yes, as young nurses training in the hospital, we were sometimes used & abused in many ways. But, I feel ultimately, we became good & capable nurses despite that. I feel part of the reason for people dropping out of the nursing profession so soon after graduating is due to the very real LACK of REAL exposure to the REAL world of nursing. And, once they are exposed to it, it's such a huge shock & they feel unable to cope, are DEFINATELY unsupported a LOT of the time, so it's easier
    ( read, safer!) to just drop out. Even the Royal Australian Navy now has learnt the error of it's ways & young naval officers no longer go straight to the Defence Force Academy & study for their degree. They spend the first year undergoing military training & spend time at sea in order to get a taste of REAL Navy life. Based on that, they get a "Feel" for navy life & can make a better, more informed judgement as to whether it's the life for them before committing to further study etc etc. It also saves thousands of $$$ in taxpayers money. If nursing was returned to the hospital system of training, not only would young people be able to really see what the profession is about in REAL terms, they would save themselves from accruing a HECCS debt for something that they might not ever earn a living from. I have many many other reasons for my opinion, but too many for this post.
  3. by   Grace Oz

    CONGRATULATIONS on your graduation.
    All best wishes for your future in the nursing profession.
  4. by   NurseRachy
    A little bit about me. I am a 21 year old Bachelor of Nursing/ Bachelor of Public Health students about to start my 3rd year (out of a 4 year course) at LaTrobe University. I live in Melbourne Victoria and so far am really enjoying my degrees. "When I grow up" (hahah) i would like to incorporate both my nursing and PH knowledge and split my work between the two. I have always thought that i would like to do Emergency or Trauma nursing, but then again I have had no experience in any of those fields so I really wouldn't know! I am a student member of the ANF and from what i know about them believe in their causes. On the weekends i am a front end ( cash register's) supervisor at a supermarket and after particularly awful shifts feel really inspired to go back to uni!!!! ( a little bit cheeky hey!!)
    I have no idea where I want to do my grad year, but that is 2 years away...plenty of time...
    I too am very patriotic and love just about everything about my Australian sun/surf/ study lifestyle.
    Anyways it was nice to meet you all and please keep in touch
    HAPPY AUSTRALIA DAY for the 26th of January!!! - It's time to do a random act of kindness.
    Rachel @}-->------
  5. by   Tookie
    Racheal bew bew and Jax as well as al lthe wnna bes you are so welcome - l would love to see to the NZ's included here - l think we might ask Brian if he could include them herre unless they would rather lobby for their on again Stuper glad you agitated for this - we must now get to our frineds and maybe our local state boards and anf to include the website into their information as a place to come and talk
    We need to encourage all people to discuss and learn explore and laugh to just simply be great nurses in a great place.
  6. by   Aussienurse2
    Oh God Grace! I soo agree with you!! I trained (EN) at Concord and it was the best! We spent time at TAFE and the rest on the floor, I learnt so much more on the floor than I ever could at TAFE alone!Not to mention the time it takes to "re-train" them when they finally get to the floor " No you don't need to take half an hour drying between toes with cotton wool balls, a towel will do the same job" But... do you know that NSW still trains EN's on the floor?? In Queensland they have to pay upwards of twelve grand?!! And they want to know why we don't have enough nurses! Remember when we had trainee RN's on the floor? Never had a problem with understaffing then.
    This is soo cool! An aussie forum!! YAY!!
  7. by   Tookie
    We teach our students whenthey come to use a alchol swab betwen the toes - specially for the old arthritic toes - it is less pressure and pain = the alcolhol drys and has an antispetic type of effect - not yring here to interfere - just an idea, - asy to get between the toes -
    Tell you what am havinf trouble getting to hem my self these days.
  8. by   Joh
    Hi, thought I should introduce myself. I am a new member, and currently entering my 3rd and final year at University.
    I had to write and say that I agree with Grace, that we are not prepared when we graduate.
    The time spent on the wards, is to short, compared to the time we spend at Uni. I would support training going back into the hospitals, as I feel on the job training is the only way to learn.

    As it is, I am still terrified, this year, we have preceptor relationships, and we have to "know" everything,,, and I dont.
    We have had over 4 months off and have not been in a hospital during that time, and it becomes hard to remember everything you put into practice the last hospital rotation.

    If, they want to keep training in the Uni's, then it should be worked out that we are working at the hospitals at the same time, say 2 days at Uni and 3 at the hospital. Anyway, thats my beef.

    I live in Mackay Queensland, am 39, with 3 kids and a hubby who works away 4 days a week, and have wanted to do nursing since I was a child. I am proud that I am making that dream a reality.
  9. by   bewbew
    congratulations on your graduation. all best wishes for your future in the nursing profession.
    thank you!

    i agree with you grace(re:nurse training back to hospitals), and i'm hearing you joh!
    i don't know how i would have gone in this course had i not already been an enrolled we didn't spend too much time on basic nursing care........
  10. by   Tookie
    Great to see this thread ticking along - come along you assuie and New Zealanders - drop in a say hello
    Its good we have discussion going - l am sure this will becaome a much longer thread.
    tookie- The discussion about hospital Vs Tertiary training- that is
  11. by   sehbear
    Hey Everyone...
    Its Sehbear!
    I am a div1 in a big public melbourne hospital. I have been nursing for 8 loooong years but love it!
    I am currently specialising in urological nursing, and have a research and procedural nurse role which I love too.
    Trained at Uni - Deakin Burwood but would have liked to have trained in a hospital setting...
    Love work, love life, love my little girl... oh yeah and I suppose I love my hubby too!!!!

    Its great meeting you all....
    Keep up the Aussie forum...
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  12. by   Nurse Kat
    Hi fellow Aussies!
    My name is Kat and I graduated last year from Deakin Uni. My grad year starts in March at one of Melb's major hospitals and I'm rotating through resp/gen med and urology/vasc. I do kind of feel ready to start and I know there will be plenty of support where I'm working which is why it was my first preference! Can't wait to earn some money but until then I will enjoy the beaches as I can't afford to do anything else!!!
  13. by   mageean
    Hi all. Although not an Aussie I have some friends in Brisbane. I also agree strongly with Grace's view re Hospital based training. it gives a better all round experience and a higher degree of "on the job supervision"

    By the way, can you teach us Brits how to play our national game i.e Cricket!!