Be a Nurse in Australia or New Zealand

  1. Which is the best option?

    Be an Australian Nurse or New Zealand Nurse?
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  3. by   K+MgSO4
    What do you want in a work/ life balance?
    Victoria in Australia pays least but has ratios - Melbourne has a great cultural and food scene

    NZ nurses are about to strike for better pay and conditions but my god that place is stunning.

    NSW and QLD have similar pay but no ratios currently but much better weather than VIC.

    WA is in a financial crisis due to the mining boom going bust.

    NT and outback is a unique Australian opportunity.....
  4. by   jennylee321
    If you are making your decision based solely on money than Australia. If you are from certain countries (ie. India, Phillipines), your chances of getting registration/visa will be better in NZ.
  5. by   priya0504
    NEW ZEALAND all the way!! Yes salary wise australia is better.. but if you need to work in an environment which is friendly and welcoming and you would prefer to give second preference to salary then NEW ZEALAND is the best bet!!
  6. by   nurse2gud
    I'm at crossroads. Have OET score of B in all sections. Looking at UK, NZ and Australia.

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